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n    o    v    e    m   b   e   r    .  
but you can call me nova. please don't mind me; i'm only hear to make
bad jokes and share my opinions through senseless, rhymeless poetry. 


Quotes by nova ♥*

          Yes, I knew that you would be here tonight.
          Yes, I know that your favourite colour is yellow.
          Yes, I know that my nails are yellow.

          No, I did not paint them yellow for you.

          I painted them yellow for me. I painted them yellow because they make me happy. I painted them
     yellow because they remind me of sunshine, and of daffodils. I painted them yellow because it was
     the colour of my mother’s favourite shirt growing up. I painted them yellow because they remind me
     of the stars on those long summer nights, when we were sitting on the beach and my father would
     point out constellations in the sky. I painted them yellow because it was the colour of my favourite
     dogs collar. I painted them yellow because yellow is the colour of canaries, and canaries are my
     favourite bird.

          Yes, I knew that you would be here tonight.
          Yes, I know that your favourite colour is yellow.
          Yes, I know that my nails are yellow.

          No, I did not paint them yellow for you.

  i don't remember when stolen glances turned into secretive smiles, 
    when exuberant laughs changed to shameless dancing,
      or when endless nights whispering turned into early morning kisses.

  i do however remember how you came to love; the way i laughed at nothing,
    and how effortlessly green my eyes looked when i wasn't wearing any makeup,
      and that little freckle that's half on the left side of my bottom lip. 

  i couldn't feel myself falling in love,
    i just remember waking up one day and thinking
      this is it, this is what i've been waiting for.
  so please excuse me if i'm a little confused, wondering when
    the way i laughed, how i looked without makeup on,
      the freckle on the left side of my bottom lip, stopped being enough for you. 

  i don't remember when you fell out of love with me,
    when such a pure feeling began to cause me so much agony,
      when the one who made me feel the most alive changed his mind. 


          I told him I hated him, and maybe sometimes I did.
        Because there was no one else who could fuel my fire
        quite so easily. Nobody could make me as frustrated
        or flustered as him. Him with the dark eyes and dark
        hair, him so effortlessly beautiful and so tantalizingly
        cold. Him who let no one in and him who claimed to
        hate the world. Him with a frozen heart. Him who
        needed my love more than anyone else, and him who
        had acquired it. 

              he was a poem. a really terrible,
            beautiful poem i couldn’t get out
            of my mind. he was confusing and
            scattered and painful all at once.
            still, he was my favourite poem. 
            a poem i would later come to call

     Me: It's that time of the year again,
     Me: It's time to shave my legs...

Boys fall for me♥
because I trip them..


       Him: I love you.
How dare you say that, you barely know me.
       Him:  I know that you hate when people chew with their mouths open. You hate
       being tickled and you can't stand the sound of a baby crying. You won't eat seafood
       and you are allergic to eggs and sunscreen. You have never missed an episode of
       Pretty Little Liars and your favorite time of day is night. You love country music and
       orange juice and your cowgirl boots. You would never tell anybody but you play the
       guitar and piano and your voice is amazing. You always have to burn your hair until
       it is straight but I love your hair when you leave it natural. It is curly and weird and
       frizzy but I always find myself wanting to reach out and touch it. You hate the fact
       that you have a freckle half on your bottom lip but I think it is adorable and you
       don't realize that when you smile, a genuine smile, the left corner of your lips lift
       up just slightly and I always want to kiss you when you do. We have been dating
       for 2 years, 11 months and 6 days as of today, and I know that we are teenagers
       and that teenagers aren't supposed to know what love it but I know, absolutely
       and completely, that if love exists than I see it every time you speak or smile or
       blush. I love you.



So I had a miny heart attack today.
I was on the bus with some friends and I was sitting beside
the guy I like and I kind of fell asleep on the window and when
I woke up I thought he shaved off my hair but it turns out he
just put it in a bun on top of my head. Okay bye.




        because nothing
           makes me happier 

                and nothing
           makes me sadder

             than you



          Me: I'm getting fat.
          Best friend: Don't be silly, you've always been fat.