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So my profile picture is a picture of book spine poetry, which is my latest obsession. I didn't create the poem in the picture, I wish I did, that poem's amazing and mine all end terribly.
But anyway.

I'm going to be a senior this upcoming school year (I know, it's terrifying!) and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. A perk of being horribly indecisive. I go to a small school and will be graduating with a class of 36. It's a small country school  with small town problems and drama but I still love the school and a few of the teachers that work there.

I love writing, especially poetry (if you didn't get that from my profile pic). One of my many options for the rest of my life includes becoming a writer, but I don't know, we'll see. If anyone that is actually taking there time to read this writes, let me know! I'd love to read your pieces!

So here is just a random list of things I like for the few people that care:
music(i feel as if this is unnessary to put down but i'm going to), Ed sheeran, peanut butter m&ms, being sarcastic, reading, writing, The Mortal Instruments (I may or may not be in love with Jace), summer, swimming, meeting other sarcastic people, nights, Secondhand Serenade, The Fray, apples, snickers, Reese's, ice cream sundae's, One Direction (but don't judge me for liking them, i'm not a crazy fan and my reasoning for liking them is not the normal reason. I'd go into detail but it's kind of personal), Thirteen Reasons Why, Delirium, Edgar Allen Poe, dogs, rain, thunder storms and a bunch of other random things.

I'd make a list of things I don't like but I don't have enough time to list most of it. 
If anyone is still reading this then thank you! I greatly appreciate it. I would give you a cookie in return but I can't bake soo...

If you ever need advice on anything just leave me a comment I promise I will respond. Another one of my maybe future careers involves helping people so don't feel like you are being a bother!

Oh by the way I do have another account on this website so if you happen to see some of my quotes on another account don't be alarmed. I'm the same person. Now if you see on 3+ accounts something is up, but on just two is normal. 

Quotes by AnotherAverageTeenageGirl

Is it bad that I have already picked every snack and source of entertainment for a trip I'm taking tomorrow and I haven't even thought about what to pack for clothes?

Oh well.

Some days I feel like the world is Sheldon and I need a sarcasm sign

I hate when people say they understand sarcasm so I start being sarcastic with them and then they get all offended and don't understand me. 

You said you understood!
Hey guys

So I'm thinking about entering a poetry scholarship(even though my chances are slim to none) but for me to enter something I would need it to be perfect, or as close as I can get it. I have a piece I'm considering using but was wondering if someone(Or multiple someones) would read over it and give me their honest opinion on it, and any critiques they have. Please guys I could really use opinions.

UNKNOWN: (Still have to name it)
White noise conversations drone on
I tumble deeper into the crevices
Engulfed in midnight blackness I watch
As those around me dance in the sun's rays
I am consumed by a sense of nothing
Emptiness eats at my soul
Sodden with paint splattered blood drops and tears
Fallen from my dry eyes and bracelet covered wrists
Painted expressions give fradulent assurance of wellness
Plans of release run rampant- a blaze like wild fire
Release escapes me, evading my grasp
Mental torment surpassing physical agony
The unthinkable surrounds- a looming executioner
Desire fills me,  impelling me to the edge
Shrieking whisperes of worthlessness overwhelm
Demons calling for blood dripping off the tips of my fingers
Red, black, blinding white pain
Shoving and forcing the plan into effect
The executioner drops her axe
I breath my final breath

I'm really kind of struggling on this poem because it can only be 20 lines and most of my best work has 40+ lines. So please honestly tell me if anything doesn't sound right, is awkward. A word, a line, anything. If something doesn't flow or doesn't fit in with the pattern of the poem. Like honestly guys anything. Thank you, it means a lot.

Any one willing to help?

I have to write a poem involving aspects of a carnival but I've never been to one....
So I was wondering what are sounds, sights, smells, or tastes that you think of when you think carnival? What are some of the attractions at a carnival? Like what are trademark carnival things?
Society is the sun
And our image is the shadow it casts of us

What if that lump that format
the back of your throat right before you cry is a collection of everything you wanted to say,
but never did?


A world inside a world.

We all live in one. We are all guilty of drifting off into thought to our own little place where we attempt to make sense of life.

In our little worlds things that are unexplainable in the world we live in with the society we have aren't complicated. When we are in our own world we are untouchable.

No one can bother us as we drift off.

But our worlds are fragile and easily broken by those we surround ourselves with. If we allow too many negative thoughts to drift into our world then everything can fall apart.

The place we once went to for safety can tear us apart.

Our world inside a world is a magical and wonderful, and yet fragile place. A place we should attempt to protect at all costs, because if we don't then

we lose what makes us who we are.

Invisible Imperfections

A new born baby
So fragile and sweet
"Look," they say
"At how well she sleeps."

Now five years old,
That baby is,
That teachers praise
"What a sweet kid"

"Always caring and kind"
Is what they'd say
"She'll be someone
At least one day"

Already a middle schooler
That awkward stage
But not for her
At thirteen years of age

With glossy hair
And all the clothes
She's friends with everyone
Even has a phone

And the kids all think
She's great and cool
Not a bad word to say
By anyone in the school

A freshman in high school
All exiting and new
She makes more friends
Even has a crush or two

Her academics didn't flail
As her social life leaped bounds
You could easily say
She had high school figured out

And she didn't get picked on
Not one little bit
For the knowledge in her brain
That she was blessed with

She never gets told
She's fat or she's ugly
Because thats not believed
Not by anybody

Now she's a senior
High school treated her well
Many would even think
Her name should be Belle

With tan skin year round
And white teeth flawless and gleaming
She seems perfect inside and out
But appearances can be deceiving

Only a month left to go
Then they start something new
She has big plans for the future
And college to go to

As the day grows closer
Until it all changes
She looks back on life
And sees all the decisions

All the people she's met
All the things that she's done
It comes back in a rush
Until she's had enough

Her iPhone started ringing
But she never answered the call
'Cause the night before graduation
She ended it all.

When things get rough
And you've had enough
It doesn't make sense
It's all too tough
You think why continue
There's never anything new
Then your call goes unanswered
And you think 'That's my cue'
You've been pushed to the edge
The very tip of the ledge
You're about to fall over
Just have to move a smidge
Before the step before the fall
Before you decide to end it all
Put your semicolon in
And realize your life is just about to begin