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Hey Witty Profilers! ♥

You know my name, not my story,
You know what I've done, not what I've been through.
You don't know me, and you're not going to.
If you wanna judge, judge yourself.

P.s. Everything here is for a reason. It's all real and true and mine and means something to me, so if it doesnt to you ,i don't care, just don't hate.




Quotes by Anothernobody

i love how
i trust all
these complete strangers here
when i don't even trust my friends

oh i'm sorry,                 
                      i forgot

i only exist

when you need something

 you can't help me
i let you...                        

no one             
can define your worth

you let them


my head says
"why does itmatter? who  cares? "

but my heart whispers

 "you do, stupid.."


It's not,



i luv u

i luv you

i love u

last time i checked, it's

   "i love you"



 Are you gunna choose
me, because if not,

there's no  doubt  you're going  to lose


Call a girl pretty
she'll remember it for a day
Call a girl ugly
and she'll think it

every time she looks in the mirror




You think you want to disappear
but really you just want to be found

You think you want to die
but really you just want to be saved

You think you want to end it
but really you just want to

Start over