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If your profile picture is
a car,

I'm gonna assume your a transformer 


- if you have waited behind a door to scare someone,
but ended up leaving because they took too long to come out.

mom: you're all dressed up! where are you going?

daughter: the bathroom. I need a new profile picture


Did  you  know?
that people with brown/hazel eyes are most fun and happy?
They kiss the best and will love when not wanted; They always
end up falling for peopple they didn't know long. They are
the most hyper and crazy people. You can't do better than them.

fav if you have brown/hazel eyes.



teaching you not to talk to strangers

unless they're hot


mgrandma: I put $2,000 aside for your

wedding someday.

me: Aww, thank you Grandma! I love you.

my dad: What if she's forever alone?

me: I hate you.


That awkward moment when  

you finally take a decent picture and then as you continue to stare it gets uglier.


I think my iPhonibroken,
I pressed the home button & I'm still at school.




he first person to comment is gay!

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Joe *The

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fav if you get it

                                   Shutting the door to 
trap your pet, 
so they're
forced into spending
time with you.