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' Hey, Im Anthony...

 I live in Canada im 15 years old turning 16 in January ! My favourite activites are soccer, music,partying, and just chilling with friends. I went to San Diego, Florida, Washinton, Seattle, Spain, Holland, and all across Canada for soccer and ya i love it, im also really active. I love to laugh and talk with people cause im kind and nice :). My favourite song is probably Angel - by Shaggy. I remember when I was little and I would her that it was by a guy named shaggy and I thought it was the guy from "Scooby Doo" :p gtz.  I guess I created a profile in witty cuase I got nothing better to do and it gives me a chance to vent and talk about my life which right now is a work in progress. I also hate it when girls talk to you but then kill the convo so if your going to comment then you better not kill it. Iv been in 2 relationships and both didnt end well... but oh well life goes on. So I guess that makes me single. If you want to talk message me or something and follow me if you would like.  ANYWAY Stay Strong :)kateli325 is the best sister ever. Be sure to follow her cause shes super nice and she talk to you about anything :) Also give rarelove a hit! she is sooo sexi and could use your support :) I love you Tiffany <3
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Im final back! Feel free to comment and I will try my best to respond :) Have a good day :)

is such a strong word


I dont want you
I need you


I would just like to say
In like a couple hours......

Things happen for a reason
and sometimes you have to make that reason up

Stay Strong and live life to the fullest

A girl randomly slaped me in the face >:(
later on she tells me she likes me


100 followers finaly:)
Thx for the Christmas present


I hope everyone has a amazing, sexy and cozy Christmas.
Thx to all my followers also. I love all of you <3.