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Lana del ray :')



Quotes by AntiBasil

 if you have

crazy friends

you have everything ♥
The moment you're 
laughing so hard and
you try to stop.But you
look at the person and 
laugh again.
Every girl is

absolutely beautiful

it just takes the right guy to

see it.
They laugh at me

because I'm different;
I laugh at them
because they're all the same.
Save your heart for 

someone who cares.
You are beautiful

and no body  has the right  to make you 

feel you're not.
Happy Valentine's


Wittians <3 <3
 be everything i always 
 wanted to be.
Live like Niall and laugh at everything.

Live like Louis, don´t take things seriously.

Live like Liam, and never give up.

Live like Zayn, and be a child forever.

Live like Harry, and love people for who they
 Happy  Birthday

Zayn Malik  :)