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Quotes by Anu*

I didn't even have to think about that,
because you are just so sweet.
But I got proved right over and over again,
What have I done now.
Who was I to tell you that
when I did the same.
Why did I have to choose
when all I wanted was to be treated well.
In the end I'm just blaming you
But I wish you well.
I'm sorry.
I didn't want to be proven right.
Please prove me wrong.
You are allowed to, 
But only if that isn't
hurting someone innocent.
I'm sorry
I know she wasn't right too
But when will you stop it, Anu?
Maybe I'm a wrong piece trying to fit in a puzzle,
Maybe I could do everything differently,
Maybe I could go back,
Maybe I can stop overthinking.

Maybe? Maybe not.
Sometimes I wish there was an undo button,
to redo everything over again,
I miss you.
Why the more I wish I could do it,
I couldn't?
Were you always like this?
I don't know why, But i'm disappointed in you.
So close yet so far away,

My eyes are just sweating,

It's okay really.