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You are enough (:

Quotes by Anu*

Happy memories aren't happy anymore
But I'm also making new ones.
Another year passes
and i'm scared to grow up
Scared to grow apart.

I broke it again
Your story isn't who you wanted to be
Won't you stop?
I never asked you to continue
I never even wanted you
I don't understand you
I don't want you
I don't like the way you talk 
I don't like the way you text
I don't like the way you think

I don't like the way you express
I don't like the way you treat someone
I don't like the way you try
I don't like the way you're doIng everything
I don't like the way you hurt
I don't like the way you act

I don't like the way you don't think
I don't like the way you phrase
I don't like how you don't understand
I don't like how you are not the one i wanted to be 
I have millions of things i hate about you
but not a single thing i like about you
so just go.
Do I deserve your kindness ?
It feels new.
Are you happy?
that you are unsure
and unaware of everything
that's always been around

Are you sad?
that you missed chances
that you could have easily

Are you confused?
wondering why or where
or how you are stuck

Are you angry?
hurting your own storybook
with wrong paths

Are you done?
is a stupid question to ask
because you aren't
I wish you weren't me
What an awful stranger
that I never wanted to be
Tired of myself
Nothing I do is ever right
I'm a headache

It's been so silent
where have the months gone?

I'm still struggling
I thought I was over it
but I wasn't.

Hate to see everything fall apart
Hate that I don't feel important anymore.
Or Maybe I never was.

Why do I complain?
I'm so selfish
I'm never okay with what I have.

Please don't go
I'm weak
I can't survive on my own

I'm tired
Can I get a break?
I can't imagine how much it would have hurt
I can't let it go 
I can't take my words back
I can only try to fix
But it's not about me-
It shouldn't be.

I feel so selfish.
I'm sorry.
A thousand sorries
will still won't be enough.

It hurts that I hurt.
It's not okay.
I lie when I say it's okay.