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Quotes by Anyssa_Lovato_Lautner

Back to check witty after a year... It passed so fast omg

Love youu...

btw, who has tumblr??? Lemme know in comments <3

Because of movies, I have big expectations in relationships...

You know you're addicted to computer
when a fly lands on your monitor
and you try to kill it with your cursor :D

my quote,nmf :)

I want someone to come up to me
& hug me as tight as possible
and realize that I'm not ok
but in reality

no one suspects a thing
from a girl
who hides her pain
with a laugh

S m i l e


I finished my Elementary school yesterday, a mini-prom is a few days away, I'm never gonna be with my friends anymore - we are all going seperate ways. And, even tho I have never told I like school and all of the responsibillities and sacrifices it brings and requires, I am sad it's over.....I am sorry cause I didn't appreciate it while it lasted....Guess that tantra-mantra was true - you never know what you have untill you lose it....Now, there's no going back...These were truly the best 8 years in my short 14-year-old life....


Please, tell me, how did you go through all this and what helped you, 'cause, with all this despair I am bringing for months already, I dunno can I move on....

There's a huge difference between who

your real friends and friends form class are...A HUGE difference...


I just saw a quote....That quote was at the 'Top' quotes....I was shocked - that is a quote I wrote in my notebook one cloudy friday in 2010., feeling dissapointed in my class friends. My quote goes something like this:''There's a huge difference between who your friends and your friends from class are. A huge difference.''


I just wanted to add that quote like 5 minutes ago and went to see the top quotes ( i didn't watch top quotes for 4 months already ) and now...What should I do? Please comment and tell me would it be right to add a quote that is 100% made and written by me months ago or leave someone else's quote hangin' there and not to tell what I think? If I shouldn't write it, tell me! I f I should, tell me.Again! :)



Thanks for your time...



your Witty girl

Anyssa ♥

Was I the only one who was, like, SOOO shocked when I saw Katy Perry's legs at the end of 'E.T.'?

And, why do movies
make me think
it's easy
to find
a true love?