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Hey (:
i'm ashley, i'm currently in my last year of high school.
i love tattoos and piercings. spongebob. teen wolf. grimm. vampire diaries. food. music . family. friends.
i'm probably one of the easiest people to get along with, unless we start off wrong.

i absoulutly love to read, its my escape just like music. i'm always reading. i love it.
crown the empire, sleeping w/ sirens, escape the fate, pierce the veil, i see stars, chevelle, loads more . xp
i'm super weird. haha but who isn't in there own way.

Steve started following you.
holy fish paste i can't believe it !!

Quotes by Apage

Life doesnt always give you the people you want, and
sometimes it takes away the people you need most..
Alice: how long is forever?
White rabbit: Sometimes, just one second
I love when you look at someone with a smile on your face,
and they break into a smile back at you,
not because they know why you're smiling,
but because you're happy,
and that's enough to make them happy.
I take the L and R on my headphones

stop kissing for just second and look into her eyes,
then start kissing again.. she'll freaking melt.
i promise.
Want to know who your real friends are?
F.ck up and see who's still there..