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Hey (:
i'm ashley, i'm currently in my last year of high school.
i love tattoos and piercings. spongebob. teen wolf. grimm. vampire diaries. food. music . family. friends.
i'm probably one of the easiest people to get along with, unless we start off wrong.

i absoulutly love to read, its my escape just like music. i'm always reading. i love it.
crown the empire, sleeping w/ sirens, escape the fate, pierce the veil, i see stars, chevelle, loads more . xp
i'm super weird. haha but who isn't in there own way.

Steve started following you.
holy fish paste i can't believe it !!

Quotes by Apage


how do i choose
between my head
and my heart?.

who are you, really?
you are not a name or a height. or a weight or a gender.
you are not an age and you are not where you are from.
you are your favorite books and the songs stuck in your head.
you are your thoughts and what you eat
for breakfast on a saturday mornings.
 you are a thousand things but everyone chooses
to see the million things you are not.
you are not where you are from.
you are where you're going, and i'd like to go there too.


when i'm alone, i think.
when i think, i remember.
when i remember, i feel pain.
when i feel pain, i cry.
when i cry, i can't stop.
Just because i'm not talking, doesn't always mean i'm in a bad mood
sometimes i just like being quiet.
 I like to pretend that everything’s alright.
Cause when everybody else thinks you're fine,
sometimes you forget for awhile that you're not.

"in a relationship" it's just a title.
it holds no significance besides
letting people know that you guys are a thing.
even if you're not in a relationship, it doesn't
mean you can't share the same feelings as one.
relationship or not
love comes in all different ways

and people share  it all differently.


Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide.
you win.
you learn.
"you aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy."
-- garth brooks

you are more
than the choices that you've made.

you are more
than the sum of your past mistakes

you are more
than the problems you create

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