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Hey (:
i'm ashley, i'm currently in my last year of high school.
i love tattoos and piercings. spongebob. teen wolf. grimm. vampire diaries. food. music . family. friends.
i'm probably one of the easiest people to get along with, unless we start off wrong.

i absoulutly love to read, its my escape just like music. i'm always reading. i love it.
crown the empire, sleeping w/ sirens, escape the fate, pierce the veil, i see stars, chevelle, loads more . xp
i'm super weird. haha but who isn't in there own way.

Steve started following you.
holy fish paste i can't believe it !!

Quotes by Apage

you hear but don't listen.
you talk but don't speak.
you look but don't see.


can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do.
But to hold it together when everyone else would
understand if you fell apart.
That's true strength.

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life doesn't rhyme.
Your first kiss isn't important as your last. Go on adventures and get lost. Paint even though you're not an artist. Get caught in the rain. Really get to know people. accept that you will fail one math test. Laugh out loud while you're alone. Put your hand up in class and get the answer wrong. Wonder about thing. Learn. Remember that sunrises are free. Let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.Try out for the team. Habe feelings for your best friend. Believe everything happens for a reason. Look at the stars and realize how small you really are. Eat that red velvet cupcake. Never regret anything, because at one point it was exactly what you wanted. Forgive and forget. live for the music, the monemts. Because nobody lives forever, and life is really, really short.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

it's not the dream that astonishes the peope,
but the passion .
you don't really know how beautiful a girl is,
untill you meet her,
all her beauty is in her personality.
- zac efron
being curvy doesn't mean you're fat.
being you doesn't mean you're weird.
being single doesn't mean you're alone.
being imperfect doesn't mean you're ugly.
you. are. different.
&& that's what , makes you, you.
I need someone who won't give up on me,
no matter how many times i mess up..
cuddling, wrestling, kissing, lip biting,
hand guiding, whispering, tickling,
rough and being gentle .
i'm not worth it , am i?
pretending to be happy
when you're in pain is an example of how strong
you really are .
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