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Quotes by ApplePieFlutterDashRariSparkle

Normal Person: I like your shirt!
Other Person: *looks down* thanks you too!

Normal Person: I like your shirt!
Me: oh hey I remembered to put on clothes this morning


Whenever I get a couple faves in under a minute
I like to log off so I can come back the next day with a ton of notifications 


I love when you can tell
who wrote the quote just by the format
it makes life so much easier


The reason I have no friends?
It's actually quite simple

I just hate everyone

I die a little (a whole f//cking lot) on the inside
when a cute old person tells a joke and no one laughs


Walls are put up for people
that don't want it bad enough
-- Tara Strong

Steve, I love you
the fact that one of the ad's was for "The laziest cat fight"
by thecatdiaries
on youtube
I just
Steve can you be my rolemodel



you've been on witty a while
haven't you