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My name is Amy. I am British - I complain, it's what we do.
If you are sitting there and have somehow come across my page, I apologise.

If we meet in real life and I share my food with you-it means I don't think your a terrible person! (So take it as a compliment)
If you havent gone onto youtube and stumbled across Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil then go watch them!
My favourite colour is purple.
And you may now see my awkward quotes!


Quotes by Applex

We're bored to death in heaven
And all alone in hell
We only want to be ourselves
Been on the internet for six hours in one go...
what is my life?
My hair is always perfect before a shower...
like seriously

  Save your heart

for someone thats worth dying for

1. Do you sleep in your bra? Sometimes
2. Do you like noodles? yup
3. Do you enjoy drama? depends
4. Are you a girly girl? not much
5. Small or large purses? back packs tbh
6. Are you short? i think so, im 5ft3
7. Do you like somebody? no actually
8. Do you care if your socks are dirty? kinda
9. Do you like Halloween? its alright
10. Favorite time of year? summer or spring
11. Where is the weirdest place you have slept? umm...the car?
12. Has anyone touched/smacked your butt in the past 24 hours? No
13. Are there any rumours going around about you? I hope not
Be Honest:
1. What color is the bra that you're wearing? white and purple
2. Do you prefer light or dark haired guys? Dark haired
3. Longest relationship? four months
4. Do you have a best friend? yep
5. Have you ever had your heart broken? a few times
6. Have you ever thought of having cosmetic surgery? nope
7. Do you like your life? s'pose
8. Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on? does being dunked count?
9. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys? girls
10. How long have you had a facebook? hmm...2-3 years
11. Have you ever slapped a boy in the face? Ydont think so
12. What are your biggest fear(s)? needles
13. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? might have
14. Have you ever not been able to get someone off of your mind? at some point i have
15. Do you believe in the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater"? not really
16. Have you ever had a good feeling about something? yeah
17. Do you ever wish you where famous? a few times, but only for certain things
18. Are you currently missing someone? nope
19. What are you doing right now? watch lee evans
20. Cowboy or gangster? dunno
21. Face or body? face
22. Sweet or sexy? Sweet
23. Contacts or glasses? dont mind
1. Eyeliner or mascara? both
2. Pink or black? Black
3. Pumps or flats? Flats
4. Skirts or trousers? trousers
5. Socks or leggings? socks
6. Hoodies or jackets? both
7. Heels or sneakers? trainers
8. Straight or curly hair? dont mind
9. White or black? Both
10. Smoothies or lattes? lattes
11. Diet or regular sodas? both
12. Water or daiquiris? Water
13. Pearls or diamonds? neither
14. iPod or cell phone? mobile phone
15. Friends or family first? both
16. Lip gloss or lip stick? gloss
17. Manicure or pedicures? Manicure probably
18. Tank tops or beaters? neither
19. Big sunglasses or small? neither
20. Sunglasses or purses? dunno
In a Guy:
1. Funny or serious? both
2. Romantic or daredevil? both i think
3. Dark eyes or light eyes? lighter
4. Long hair or short hair? dont mind
5. Curly hair or straight hair? Either
6. Hockey player or football player? dont mind
Personality Quiz
[] I like at least one shade of pink
[x] I don't like being messy 
[] My belongings are organized
[] I don't like rock music
[] I hate black
[] I go to the salon once a week
[x] I comb my hair almost all the time
[x] I bring my phone with me everywhere
Result: 3

[] I like Akon
[x] I like wearing jackets with hoods
[] I'm too lazy to do chores
[x] I don't like shopping unless it's for me
[] I would go bungee jumping
[] I like being sweaty(if it’s after a workout...)
[] I'm a big fan of marvel heroes
[x] I always wear perfume/cologne
Result: 3
[] I always carry a pen in my purse or pocket (for my writing)
[] I enjoy studying
[x] I wear glasses (contacts usually...)
[] I'm a straight-A student
[x] I've never skipped any class in my whole life.
[] I like my shirt tucked in
[] One of my favorite subject is science
[] I like reading mystery books
Result: 2

[x] I love to stare at the ceiling for ten minutes
[] I sleep with a stuff toy/pillow.
[] I sleep with a night light
[] My parents are the ones who choose my outfit.
[x] I'm scared of roller coasters
[] I like being with my family relatives
Result: 2
Whats with all these IMVU ads???
If I wanted to see s/uts, id go to school

With thanks to bbez4eva for helping me decide on this quote

After spending two nights without the internet, I watch youtubers for three hours.
I have no social life

I am British

The problem with Britain is that more or less everyone likes pop music, and so there are not any radio stations with enough rock music.

And that is one reason why, I wouldn't mind being american.

I miss not worrying or caring about the stupidest of things