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I'm April
I have a boyfriend! 
We have been dating since 4.2.12
A couple bands I commonly listen to are:
The Strokes, MGMT, The Beatles, Sublime, Weezer,
Blink-182, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Beach Day,and The Eels.
I practically live off Arizona tea, mainly iced tea  or iced tea and lemonade.
In my free time I take pictures, draw, attempt to learn songs on bass,
listen to music, walk and take long romantic walks to the fridge.
My Instagram is AprilArmadillo if you would like to follow me!
I enjoy playing Pokemon, Halo 4 and Minecraft.
I also don't feel like finishing this diamond.




Quotes by AprilArmadillo

so I was making pasta and then I started crying because I just came to the realization that my boyfriend broke up with me..
I don't even know what to do.

id wipe away all of your tears,

I'd fight away all of your fears


>> I got alot of love for you,<<
I guess that means I got alot to lose. 


That awkward moment, when you leave your Witty open, on a completely unrelated topic, XxMaggieexXis so cute, & funny, I wish I was her.

The only thing
Thats going to bother me

is that you all call yourselves my friends 


Format by Sandrasaurus

Why can't you look me in the eyes

 >>One last time<<

Format by Sandrasaurus

Format by Sandrasaurus

 If you can't hang 
then theres the door baby .

Wheall  we knois  falling,
» I'll save something for you «

Format by Sandrasaurus

Whats so good
 About picking up the pieces,
What if you dont even want to?


If the sun refused to shine, t
I would still be loving you.
 When mountians crumble to the sea,
there will still be you and me.