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Hi, I'm April Drueen.
I have thee most greatest friends:)
I'm single:)
#1 bestfriend is Hannah Evangeline!:)
If you wanna And more just ask for my number:)
I bow out my candles on 11/23.:)

Quotes by AprilDrueen

Does anybody esle get nervous or is it just me when your crush says " Can i ask you an important question?."?!
sharing is caring of course! :)
Love is the only fire that doesnt come with insurance.
I may be a mud slinging, horse riding, big truck loving counrty girl, but i will always be my daddys little girl :)
cute guys...... nuff said.. ;)
hahaha i love it when cute guys have a witty :)
its a french kiss, italian ice,
margaritas in the moonlight just another american saterday night!
sweetheart you spread rumors as fast as you spread your legs... If you run as good as you run your mouth you would be in great shape..
You think im cute when im mad? Well buckle up sweet cheeks, cuz im about to get freaking adorable!!!
NEGU= Never Ever Give Up