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Hey people...

I'm Cherry. My age is irrelevant, lets just say Im that old man your mums always warning you about. I'm awkward and never social, I stay inside on my all day talking to random strangers and listenin ta music. I have a weird obsession over rings and braceletes with skulls on them and studs, I've got a few. 2 rings & a couple of braceletes. I love to read, fantasy most of the time. I love music, my favourite bands are Motionless in white, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens and upon this dawning. I love the Sims 3. I spend my time on it murdering all my sims...I'm not a pleasant person, I have a few close friends and thats all I need, not up to making anymore new friends cuz your all back stabbers. -_- I like to think up torture schemes and how I could hurt people. Although I would never actually do it, haha.¬_¬... I like smarties. I can speak Greek & a wee bit of Spanish. I dont really talk much English, my language consists of making up random non-English words. If you have made it this far, I congratulate you. Welldone >_< I'm a boring topic so imma go now. Cya .. ;'p

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