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I 'm Tina 
Are you ready for this ? x3
I have two accounts.
this is the one my friends dont see.
because i can express whatever i want on this account, without them seeing it. 
i'm all about fun , and being myself.
So if you like my quotes then your welcome to add them too your faves or comment, but if you don't , byebye. 
If you fave my quote , i'll follow you.
& that's a promise.♥
Xoxo, Tina

Quotes by Areyoureadyforthisx3

does anyone notice this? haha SECRET MESSAGE MUHAHA
I may not be Five Gum , but i can still stimulate your senses .


Honestly i dont understand how i treat people so nicely 

and they treat me like 

S H I T 

in return. 

If you can only love me in my dreams,
let me sleep forever.


&If i could sing

I'd have written so many songs already. ♥



I feel like boys love to hurt me. 




ASo There's this boy..

I like him.

Need i say more ?


(c a n    y ou
r   r e l a t e? )


H A T E R S .

They only hate what they

C  a n t  B e
o r 
C a n t  H a v e.



Has anyone ever thought
what the person who discovered milk was doing with the cow?