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bye i tried my hardest
love you all.
my boy,jake f+a ♥

Quotes by imgone♡♡♡♡*

im sorry im not good enough
im sorry i cant be the perfect girl you want
im sorry im not the old me
im sorry that you have to deal with me
im sorry im just a disappoint
im sorry to be me.
The More Old Comments I Read
The Angrier I Get.
How Did I Let This Happen 
I Used To mean So Much To Yous
But Now

The F/ck Have I Done
I Need You Guys Back
We Live In A World
That Is Built On Promises
Constructed By Liars.
Jakes My Boo Okay?
He May Be Perf But He's Mine
iloveyouboo c: ♥
Ew Half Yous Think Tha These Girls Are Buff
And Half Of Em' Get Their Pictures Of Tumblr :D
Omg Wth-___________________-
now just fear,im so scared I love you so much, now im just thinking....what if he falls for someone else better than me hold on everyone is...♡
You never know how much you truly love someone until they're gone Or you spoke to them,just a few hours ago but you miss them like its been years since you last spoke to them♡♡
Ever Sat For Ages
Waiting For That Someone To Come On
And Then As Soon As You Go Off They Come On
What Even Is That..
i have a unicorn,it poops ice cream.
pukes rainbows.
and his horns made outta skittles.