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Quotes by Aria_98

In another universe, you don't cling to me like cobwebs, sticky and unseen. In this life, you've never touched me at all. In another universe, I don't have to write bad poetry about your mouth cause I've never kissed it, I don't know that you taste like bourbon. In another universe, I can still drink without thinking about your tongue. In another universe, my hands are never near your hands and my bed is always empty but still feels full with just me in it. In another universe, I've never met you and I don't wish for you. Everyone always says, in another life, I will love you better. I will love you longer and shake the stars from the sky. Well I say, in another universe, I will never love you at all. This will be my rebirth and my baptism because in this world where your hands don't exist, I am finally free.
Be honest with me or stay away from me, it's not that difficult. 
Couldn't hear the thunder, but I heard your heart break

Usually I could take the blame, but not this time.

Gave you up bout 21 times, felt those lips tell me 21 lies 
You are my favorite mistake, the one I keep loving to mak
I just gotta keep reminding myself not to get attached cause you never stay... I know what I am to you
I don't really wanna feel anything
When it comes to you, I break all my rules 💕
"Great idea, get your daughter drunk and tell her to invite a boy over"