Status: A heart and soul that's been smashed to pieces, burned, and thrown away multiple times, but still manages to have enough strength to come ba
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I'm Chris.

I'm pretty much your gamer who actually likes to play the nice guy and do everything right in the game. And....may or may not want to experience it in real life. Currently right now, I'm on Skyrim exploring, the one thing I can't do in real life because it's illegal to raid ruins and stuff like that.

It'd be nice to have someone to talk to, so please, if ya need anything off your chest or just wanna talk in general, I'm always here :D  

Course, I only got a witty because of.....what was their names again?.......Erm.....Nevermind about that, it'll come back to me.

Anyways, yeah, I'm an adventurer who's taken more than one arrow to the knee and is still goin.

Quotes by ArmagedonNinjaX

Night before: "I'm gonna do everything, be a better person!"
Morning: "Hahahaha....nope :3"
Life is almost like a cake with a cherry filling. You have to get through the drama, fakes, and depression before you find the good stuff in life. Except on Valentine's Day where the guy reminds you you don't have a date and gives you more cake with no filling. Then, it's not worth it.
I feel like some sort of relationship maker or doctor.
Everytime I like someone, life goes into the source code and is like
"What's that? You like her? BAM She's got a boyfriend when you just started getting close to her."
Just my luck.
Why is it that someone can look in the face of death and smile, and yet struggle to talk to the one they find affection to?
*Fighting with nerf guns*
Friend: Dude....these are nerf guns. Aren't we a little too old for these?
Me: Ages 8 and up dude, that's us!
I have the perfect girlfriend. There's just one thing....she isn't real :(
Sometimes, I really do wish that characters from anime and cartoons were real. Our lives could use a little outside of the world excitement. 


So NASA says that a strange rock appeared in front of the rover after taking another picture. Best description that NASA, the huge science aerodynamics group involving space discoveries, was that it looked like A JELLY DONUT. Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't recall, JFK said "Ich bin ein berliner" which translates to....I'm a jelly donut. WHICH MEANS: JFK IS FROM MARS, AND THAT PEOPLE FROM BERLIN, MARS. Just as theory of the day :D 
I heard life's pretty complicated being a sour person.
So according to other people, I must've become a real sweet guy :D
They say that beer and weed helps you rid of your problems. Not mine.
My alternative way is a journey through Skyrim and the rest of Tamriel,
the Mushroom Kingdom,
being on a battlefield,
saving the Polaris Galaxy,
defending ManCo.,
and trying to catch and collect all pokemon.
Truly, the key to ridding yourself of your life's problems, is to rid the problems of another.