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I'm Idena, and someday I want to let everything out, to scream, cry and laugh. Someday I want to fall for the right guy, and have him fall for me. Someday I want to ignore the haters and completely forget them. Someday I want to forget about society and wear what I want, without judged. Someday I want to get into a car and just drive. Someday I want to be loved, for me.

ArtFrenzy's Favorite Quotes

I don't understand people who only sleep with one pillow.

People think I’m really innocent and cute and sweet and I mean, I am, but I’m also kinky as f-ck, bada$$ and hardcore bye.


it's okay. i understand. she's skinnier. she's funnier. she's prettier.
don't worry. I wouldn't choose me either.


So... I heard that some people are twerking for their exercise. Apparently, in six weeks, you can lose ten pounds and your dignity

How To Twerk

Step 1: Dont.

today at i saw a wifi network called
“Scott’s iPhone” so i tried logging into
it with the password “scottiscool” and it worked

Did you know that if you read the bible backwards...

You're still a gullible idiot.

Confession #34

I've only slept
About 7-8 hours
Since last Wednesday
Like it's not that I'm never tired
I just can't stand the thought of how much time I'd waste sleeping
And like
How easily one can die in their sleep....

I also blame my sleeping problems on the above reasons
When really
I'm just scared of all the monsters that lurk in the dark
I'm scared of someone I care about dying while I was sleeping
I'm just scared to sleep.
All of the iphone users: fuc/king ios 7!
Android people: LOLOLOLOLOLOL

i spend 90% of my day pretending i’m in a music video