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I deleted all of those pictures and my little cursor thing because I couldn't ever go on my profile without my computer running really slow.

Lexi is the name.
I'd much rather have the name "Renae" though (lol, people who read my story:D)
I've gone 3 months without cutting.
I've gone one month without making myself throw up.
I usually only eat 1 time a day.
But don't call me anorexic, I used to be.
I would litterally go days without eating.
I really hate the word "emo." I'm like STFU!
Converse is what is usually upon my feet.
I like listening to slow songs, when I want to be with him.
But other times I usually just listen to rap.
Where I live, is very stereotypical, I hate it
I really don't have a 'best friend' that I hang out with.
I don't hang out with anybody, really.
This is getting long.
If you read my story, keep reading.
If you happen to want to re-read my story, easily, it's on Wattpad now. Same username!
With love,

Quotes by Artist003

I'm just so depressed. 
Guys who can't sleep knowing their girl is mad at him>>>>>>>> Guys who get mad at their girl for being mad at him, even though she has a legitimate reason.
*boys suck sometimes*
Member me? Artist003? lol. I'm writing again. on wattpad. same username! check it out?:D

I thought I was okay again.
I thought I would never cut again.
I was wrong.

I am not better.

Just better at pretending.

I just can't pull myself together.

Don't                go                 chasin                      waterfalls

Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to

I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all.

But           I         think     you're     movin         to           fast

-TLC, Waterfalls



Midnight Rain

Chapter 24

Hazel's POV


That night, Jake and I are watching the news. The 10 o'clock story is about a local murder.

"Oh, no." I sigh.

"Anne Rickman was murdered yesterday evening, in her own home. She was the owner of a local bakery, Sweet Pea. She had no living family, yet she had many friends around town. Anne will be missed." Says a news reporter.

My jaw drops after the first four words, as tears fall.

"What? Why are you crying?" Jake asks.

"T-that was my boss. O-old boss." I wipe my eyes.

Then I realize. The reporter said she had no living family.

"She said that Anne had no living family!" I practically scream.

"So?" Jake says, equally loud.

"The current co-owner of Sweet Pea said he's her nephew!" I reply.

"Maybe it's distant." Jake says, shrugging.

I nod, not quite sure.


*The Next Morning*

Jake's POV

Hazel shakes me awake, to tell me she is leaving.

"Where are you going?" I mumble.

"Work. I'll be back around four." She sighs.

"Alright," I whisper, falling back asleep, "Love you."

"Love you, too." She says and kisses my cheek.

As the day progresses, I keep getting the feeling something bad is happening.

I get the call around 3:30.


Authors Note

I told some people that I'm not stopping the story. I am. Just decided. I have another story on the account Story_Girls13 Not a Hazel & Jake series. They are ending today.

So, today in cooking, we were talking about fats and how they insulate your body.

One guy goes; "What if you're really skinny?"

Teacher; "Like, anorexic? You'd be unhealthy. And there would be side effects."

Some random girl; "What's anorexic?"

Teacher; "An eating disorder. When you don't eat."

Girl; "Eww, that's gross."

If looks could kill, she'd be dead.

"You. My fine chocolate brutha.

You. My brutha.

Chasin dick instead of these fine African women.


Anutha brutha lost."


(Talking about Youtube Haters)

I am a beautiful unicorn
I know you are lexi.
And sometimes. I just need to show my true... horn.
Let it shine girl!

And YOU, my fellow mythical creature, are a super. Duper. Sexy. 1 eye 1 horn flying purple people eater.
Well, duh! <3
And we are the best creatures to ever frolick the planet.
I'll be honest, you're CRAZY!
Oh, I thought we were talking business....


 (true story)