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I love you.

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  (( i   d i d n ' t   n e e d   y o u ,  y o u    I D I O T . ))
       i PicKeD You.
                            A N D   T H E N   Y O U   p i c k e d   m e   B A C K . ♥ }   

Come One Baby, Keep It Down, Honey Hush Your Lips!!
;)  Asking Alexandria, Not the American Average
I have embarrassed myself to the point where I don't even feel embarrassed anymore. 
People feel embarrassed for me. 

Fanfics on Wattpad b like...

hi, im alyssa martinez 
im 14 yrs old
i has blue eyes blonde hair tan skin and the body of a model but i still cry about how ugly i am 
my parens r rch and tey giv me erything i want 
i luv 1D they r lek so hot 
someway me n harry r gonna get marred and have babes 
i am liek such a spoled brat dat dis summer, aldoe I failed da 8th grde and was a bish to ma parens they got me 1D tckets!!!!!!!!
im so hppy! imgunna meet 1D!!!! 
me bae, april is c*ming 2!  
*at da concert* 

aldoe there was liek, a jillion oder pplz my bae harry locked his eyes wid myne 
he wnts me 
he wnts me body
he wants ma boooottaaayyy 
i knew i luked sexaii with ma face caked in makup n ma shorty shorts 
ater da concet ery1 waz gunning hme, expt me. 
i wsnt leafing util me and harry got 2gether 

aters note: plz like and comment fer nxt chaper and complement me on ma awesom righting if u no like me story den you a stupid h0e 

This quote does not exist.
Things I tell others:
~Calm down
~Don't stress it

Things that I am, in fact, not:
i regret every selfie a day later
wish i could just
fast forward through
time just to see
if its all worth it
in the
"She is not beautiful because she is art. She is not art. You can't touch art. It sits in a gallery and is admired for a while, from a distance before people move on to the next piece, the next exhibit, the next gallery. She is not art, because she is too much, too real and too alive. She deserves more than a fleeting glance, a cursive look or a critical gaze. She deserves more than to be put in a private collector's gallery, secreted away from a single person's gaze. She deserves to be loved and held and kissed and enjoyed. No, she is not art. She is better. She is beautiful because she is emotionally, heartbreakingly, achingly human. And she deserves to be loved for that more than anything in this world."
-Nikita Gill
I wear this crown of thorns,
Upon my liar's chair.
Full of broke thoughts,
I cannot reipair.
-Johnny Cash