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The names Ashley I am from Pittsburgh PA!
I found this site from my best friend Heather [we are addicted]
After finding this site I decided to make an account and try making quotes.
well let me tell you I find it so much fun making quotess. :D
So if you have any ideas for me please give them to me
I will be more than happy to make you something as well!
11.25.08A date that changed my life for the better!
love Ryan Ochoa with ALL my heart<3333 :D:D

⇒Btw: In my Picturee; I am the onee on the rightt!(:

Quotes by AshleyAnn

Everywherego he's always on my mind
and i'm  goin crazy about him lately
and I can't help myself   from  how m hearts racin
Think i'm really diggin' on  his vibe
He really blows me away
He's got
somethin' s pecial

He could be the one-Hannah Montana.
I dedicated this to my boyfriend Ryan!
Happy eight months baby; ilysm!<33:D
I had to shorten it, it was too longg! :(

I know sometimes-
We fuss and fight. Sometimes things don't always go right
I know sometimes I can frustrate you and I know sometimes you get mad
I also know your'e my better half; I know without you i'm incomplete
I know that tomorrow you wont be here with me baby,
But no matter what; you will always hold;;
The key to my heart♥

If You Love Someone;;
Put there name in a circle; because hearts can be broken
Circles Go On Forever

>>There's Only
      One Thing ¬
               Two Do
 Three Words¬
           Four You¬

«I Love You»
If I Had A Single Flower For Everytime I think About You
§♥.I «could» walk forever in ⇔ my ≈garden.♥§

when you love someone
[[ All     your     saved-up     wishes     start     coming     out. ]]

<|You're nothing short of my everything|>
Somebody call 911
Shawty fire burning on the dance floor
I gotta cool her down
She won't bring the roof to ground on the dance floor 
♥.It's like im five years old and he's my securityblanket.
She met you;
She smiles in her sleep <3

-Credit to: xoBMTox13 -