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Even though I’ve stopped “liking you” every time someone mentions your name my head turns towards them. It’s like every time I hear it, I think of what we had, and all we could have had.
So you found out i was still cutting, feeling suicidal, and started being anorexic&bulumic.
Most parents would be supportive. What do you do?
You don't talk to me or even look at me.
Thanks mom. Now i have a reasonable reason to finally stop.
It’s a stairway.
Just one of many, but this one leads to somewhere…

At 11:11 there's all these girls out there wishing for 'him'. I'm just wishing for my daddy to come home.

Have you ever laid on your bed at night & just cried ? Cried because your ugly. Because your not good enough. You Counted All your Flaws from head to toe to punish & feel worse about yourself. Cried because the comments people blurt out actually hurt your feelings. Cried Because your family is dysfunctional, but your just a kid who cant do nothing about it. They tell you to stop complaining because you have it much better than kids in Africa. You dont want to be Burden so you bottle it all up around people. Your the happiest ray of sunshine but nobody knows that at night when your alone , you break down & cry . <|3

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if, you're missing someone,you have tempted suicide, you have cut, you have had depression, you love him, you're trying hard not to give up, you're proud of who you are...

Me: I'm going to bed.
Internet: HAHAHA. False.

have a nice life,
because I am done with constantly fighting to be in it.


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&& who else

is gunna be single this Valentines Day?

Wanting to say
something,but knowing it's going to start a fight.