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-Ashleeeey (:

Age : 15.
Born: July 11, 94
My Life: Singing. <3. God<3
I am: Christian(:
My Goal: to make myself someone to remember in the end, and to be a light and shine :]
I Love: singing, texting, hanging with friends, going to church :D
Besties: Rachel, Chris, Adrian, Alex, Jesha, Bessy, etc(: ilt!

Quotes by AshleyTheSinger11

i feel you all around me.
closing in as we speak
i feel like im gonna be trapped
im trying to push you away; to let
go, but im not strong enough. i
could break any moment; im
fragile, youre not. so be careful
or youll break me. dont let go,
but let go so you wont break my
bones. even though you make em
break every moment of the day.
youre killing me inside, but im too
weak to let go, you made me this way
so i guess you cant let go now. keep
challenging me until i break.
even though youre pushing me
as hard as you can, breaking my bones,
killing me ; im still happy cause im not
crashing & thats all you need to know
so keep the challenge, pressure me until
i break; just to see how well it goes
or if you even can.
i feel you all around me
closing in as we speak.
be careful;
i need to get away to somewhere different.
i need to walk out this door & escape into
a new one. leave all the grey behind & find
new colors instead of the dark, dull one i
see. its like a big,thick puff of smoke that
i cant walk out of. i told you i wouldnt crash
down, so im not. im gonna keep walking
through the smoke until i find the light or
the door to escape out of. with a little faith
i can do it but im not backing down. when
i reach the end & find the door, imma feel
100 pounds lighter. no more smoke; no
more pushing my way through. no longer
will i feel like im doing it all on my own,
even though im not. so wheres the light ?
the door i need escape through ? where
is it ? is it behind the smoke or in-between ?
i dont know yet but imma find it. as soon as
i do ill let you know cause in the smoke im
standing up straight guiding my way down,
but im not leaving anyone behind. neither
am i leaving myself behind. i need to get
away to somewhere different. i need to
walk out this door & escape into a new one.

She used to be always so down. she began
to lose someone close & she saw it coming.
At first, it hurt her. She didnt know what to do.
She had no idea what happened cause even
though she saw it coming, it was still fast
& it hurt. it was a
dark moment in her life.
she didnt know where to go & it took her,
what felt like forever, to find the light.
Then one day she found something so special.
something so special, it couldnt be replaced.
she found people who make her happier than
that someone close ever had. Her life began
to go up. She felt so blessed. she found light.
the light she had been looking for at the end
of  the tunnel, she finally found it. She never
wants to go back to the darkest times. These
people are the closest yet & she thanks God
everyday. even when they dont know it. she cant
ever let go.

There was a time when
she only saw in black &
white. She didnt know
what the world had in
store for her or who
she was. Then one day
God showed her the way
to something new. Everyday
she saw one new color. She
learned & gained everything
about life. She met new people
who she could never replace.
She became who she is today,.
She got to know God. Each thing
that happened to her, earned her
a new color. Her world got
brighter & brighter. These are the
things shes blessed for cause
never again will she only see
in black & white Her world only
keeps getting more

everyone has fights.
everyone disagree.
everyone misunderstand.
but its okay. it doesnt
mean your relationship is over.
it means theres more to gain.
there will be more to gain.
you learn from the problem &
you become stronger. Things
can only go up & if they go down,
then they werent really friends & it
wasnt worth it.
Always have faith & keep strong ;]]

-mine,- venting.
Life is full of complications.
they all say "youre falling for
each other". They all say
"youre not good enough"
people say things. people
do things. Some things have
you in your room asking "why"
some things confuse you,
that end up having your heart
saying two things & your head
saying another. One thing we all
have to go with the flow & stay
strong. we cant let anyone else's
opinion get in the way of ours..
cause only what you think matters.
we gotta know that God wouldnt put
us through more than we can handle.
we all gotta have a little faith. its the
only way to keep us alive in our
darkest moments.

Her life is going forward one step at a time.
shes growing
up ; shes becoming who she is
every step of the way. So here it is............ when
her life moved forward one big step, she met you.
At first she didnt know what she was getting herself
into, where she was headed, or what to do. She just
let God take her along. The steps became faster &
uncontrollable. It was like like someone was push-
ing her; it was God.  Now she thanks him. She
needed the push because now shes found you.
She never wants to let go, atleast not until God
knows its time for her. She'll just take another
big step. But her life is full of big steps & while
shes moving, she wants to hold on to you for
as long as she can. "ill never let you go" , no
matter where life takes me or how many steps
i take <3
is just a play
put on by
&& sometimes
i feel lucky
cause i got the
best part <3
She walks around on the worst days to the best days.
She looks forward to tomorrow, no matter what the
cause. Hail could be falling from the sky, but no,
she wont stop. She seems to be the strongest
of them all. Her head always held up to the sky.
They all wonder "how does she do it ?" She
looks forward & never looks back.
When something bad come her way,
she takes a step back, stays strong,
& lets go. Letting go for her future.
The past doesnt do her any
good for
her future. So, you see her walking
with her head held up to the sky
without a doubt, never looking down
to the ground, shes lifted back up. & thats
who she is. So no, dont underestimate her
she may just 
surprise you. The day she comes
crashing will have to wait for now.

^ last part isnt stolen. its mine from
previous qoutes. dont freak if you know
youve seen it. mine-<3
once upon a time
she liked you.
she felt for you.
she thought you were perfect.
she thought you guys had a
everytime something would come up
about you, her heart jumped.
Then you confused her.
hurt her. 
    She stopped liking you.
there was no point.
a few months later.
it just happens that she ended
up feeling the same way.
 she wonders...
does it mean something ? 
but she wont ever know ;
just not yet. 
    & once upon a time, you
never stopped
showing up in her life.
finally got used to it ! c[:
together or not.