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Quotes by Ashleyray12334

Sometimes people pay more attention to words they can see
rather than words they can hear

You look more beautiful when you are kind and considerate

I never feel


and I never feel


Even if you are not feelingood, you can still refrain from being intentionally mean

If you mock another person’s problems or pain
and you do not actually think you are going to offend someone,
you are either really naive or just really self centered

I listen to music

to take away

my thoughts
but they always return
after the song
My eyes

will  not close

and my mind

will not

be quiet

And my sadness

is sometimes 


and my pain

cannot be


so easily

curiosity is fine

being nosey is just annoying

I am really tired

And I do not even know why I try to explain myself to certain people  

What is the point of talking
when you feel like
no one listens anyway
At least I can write my voice down