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Quotes by Ashwe110

Sometimes I miss talking to you
But then I realiz
if thiis the way we ended things,
yoweren't the kind of person I needed in my life.
And then I move on.
Clapsaddle is a very funny last name
A cookie in a a mug with an oreo in the middle = heavan..and diabetes..but awesome none the less

I'm 16.
Yes I still sleep with a stuffed dog that i've had since I was 8 & Yes my bed is still crowded with stuffed animals and babydolls. YES I still play with my baby dolls and american girl dolls. am I supposed to be ashamed of that? I'm not. Who would ever want to grow up and take on those responsibilities of the world. so many unnecessary problems..complications, once you're in, you're in, no turning back. It's like a trap. I'll stay in my little 7 year old bubble for as long as I can.

I'm not quite ready to grow up yet..and it feels good  darn to admit it.

" Build a life, find your opportunities..and always be sexy"  
            -Ashton kutcher
When ever my french teachercompliments my french this is what goes through my mind.

                         " Thank you all so much! I would just like
                            to give a shout out to my last french teacher.
but an even bigger thanks to Google Translate,
                           because without it half of my sentences wouldn't
                   make sense and I would have failed every single paper
                                       I had to write. Thank you"

Just Keep

-credit to phenomenal for the format.♥  
  Choose Happiness.
Please read my Fanfic " Unspoken Destiny". I've posted 8 chapter.
The story overall has 302 reads but no reviews so i don't know if its 
good or not, so please if your looking for another fanfic to read,
read mine and review, either to this quotw or on the site itself.
it would mean so so soooo much :D
and if the story isn't epic now I promise that it will get epic-er (not a word..yes
i know..haha)