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Quotes by Asking_Alexis

Almost three years clean and its about to go down the drain.
I wish that I could wake up with Amnesia
and forget about the stupid, little things
Some kid: You're really hyper. You should calm down before people think you're crazy.
Me: I don't care what people think about me, because I'm better than them anyway.
Kid: I hate when people think they're better than everyone.
Me: I don't think that I'm better than everyone... I know I am.
After I watched the Walking Dead last night, I had a dream about drinking with Daryl and Merle.
And it was pretty epic.
*In World History*
Teacher; *Shows us old paintings (Some contain nudity)*
*Naked man painting pops up*
Guy: *giggles* Sorry, my bad.
Teacher: It's okay, we know you get excited when you see paintings of nakes men.
Can you hold on
One more day?
Say your'e okay
I'm afraid that tomorrow
Is just too far away
What if the world was gay, and everyone hated sraight people?
Straight people would feel like the gay people do today.
They would feel excluded and out of place.
They would be bullied for liking a gender they aren't supposed to because it isn't natural.
 Imagine if we lived in a world like that.

After all, the rise and fall
You're not worth my time
& Im so high on misery,
Can't you see?
Ashley Purdy is perfect.