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Hey love<3
My name is Jenna , 13 & single. Im sorta kinda hard to please(: Im hopelessly in love nothing new. I live in Newyork & hate it. I love photography & writing ( quite obviously V). Eep. I love reading & volleyball. IDance. I love singing & hope to be in a band when im older(: . My life is pretty crazy & im pretty friendly so I dont mind if you talk to me(: I can be a big bitch but so can everyone else. I love Em & Cay & i dont know were I would be without them. Me & my family dont get along the well:| I wanna be a Pre school teacher & write a book. Oh boy(:

Red hot chillie peppers , All time low , American rejects , Green day , Evanscene , Neon trees , The killers , Eniemen , Lil wayne , Drake , Nicki Minaj , Justin Bieber , Lady Gaga , Ke$ha. Which ever im a pretty open minded girl;D

Boys , victoria secret , Forever 21 , Sweatshirts & tanktops , movies exspecially the notebook , My friends , Those bestfriends you couldnt live without , The guy you could never forget & those little things that make your day , Social studies & sarcastic people , hugs are pretty cool(; , those memories you wanna relive & those days were your just happy, Rainy night & the beach , Tennesse , Little kids &  Marilyn Monroe  & alot more<3

My family , bitches & people you cant trust. Horror films & broken hearts. & people who mess with the people I love. :|
Pretty much thats it;D

School tomorrow. Oh boy.

When in dout drop everything & become a stripper;D
P.s. I love you.
If you wanna know me better ask for my number.
Yep im just that cool;D

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I came to the conclusion that

she touched me heart. Rachel Joy Scott 1999. You wont be forgotten for the compassion you had. I accept your challenge. Rest in peace & the 12 others killed in Columbine<3
please check it out , do you accept the challenge , I cried the whole time hearing this.


broken not shattered


One word 


sillly slinky


 your a f irework


     come on show em what your worth     ]    

If you really knew me, 
You would know im a self centered b●tch because I realized I cant trust anyone anymore , You'd realize im in love with a guy who could never feel the same about me , You'd know I hate me family. You'd know im afraid of letting anyone in cause im afraid they'd leave. & Im an emotional mess. If you knew the real me you wouldn't wanna be my friend:| You'd realize no one stays around long enough to see who I really am & I wanna live my life. You'd know I care about what people think of me way to much & id do anything for him. I act like every things okay but now a days it been really hard. Im not perfect & i wish I was. & looks come first to me. But personalty touches my heart the most. Youd know I tease you because I love you & starting now im gunna change. Cause I wanna be me but its hard when everyones gunna realize ive been pretending this whole time.
If you really knew me...


 Its if you really new me week. Copy & paste this to your profile. Delete what the other person wrote but keep the title. Write your own if you really knew my paragraph.

 I   Ch   e    a       t               p     a     r   t        f     i     v e

I woke up to the sound of my phone going off. I opened one eye & sighed gently , hoping I wouldn't wake Bobby. I opened my phone in annoyance & shuffled my phone to my ear. "Hello?" I hissed quietly enough so I wouldn't wake anyone up. "You promised you would be here Emma Rose." My mothers impatient voice lecture through the phone. I wave of shock hit me. "Oh my god , im so sorry mom ill be right there!" I whispered frantically into the phone , ending the call before she could say anything. "Stupid church!" I complained to myself , stepping over Bobby. "Ill promise ill be back later." I promised walking out of the door. I ran down Bobby's hallway , the floors hardwood , just as I was about to sprint out the door his voice caught me. "Uhm hi." A guy who defiantly had to be Bobby's brother friend stood at the top of the stairs. He had a mix between blonde & brown hair with really pretty blue eyes. He leaned his body against the railing in his Blue & orange sweatshirt. "Hi." I glared , holding the door open. "Who are you?" He asked pretty casually , smiling at me. "None of your business." I retorted , my now curly hair flowing gently around my shoulders. "Okay then. Where you going?" He asked pressing his lips together so he wouldn't smile. Annoyance got the best of me. "Church." I sneered , I really needed to go. "Oh yeah cause your some good little church girl." He snorted gesturing to Bobby down the hallway. "What's it to you?" I called back , marching outside angrily. "Nothing. But whats your problem with me?" He asked as he followed me to my car. "Everything. Your too nosy for your own good .." I said trailing off with a glare opening my car door. I drove away before he could roll his eyes.
I pulled up to my house & stumbled through the door , rushing up the stairs. The beginning of church was starting. I threw on a short white dress that had a ribbon tied around the waist. It was covered with purple & blue flowers. I threw on heels that hand black ribbons going up my leg & a white sun hat with Louie V sunglasses. Something that screamed good girl. I straightened my hair quick & flew out the door , waiting for my punishment.


  I   Ch   e    a       t               p     a     r   t        t h   r   e    e

I pushed those thoughts aside & smiled. I glanced at my clock. It was 8:32. I sighed & skip smoothly to my straighter. I straightened my hair & put on eye liner & mascara. I threw on a pair of dark ripped skinny jeans & a yellow tank top , on the front was a smiley face. I threw on a pair of black boots & picked up my phone. 8:45. I slipped down the stairs & smiled sweetly at my dad who lay sound asleep on my couch. My dad was probably the best person in the world. "Love you mom!" I called opening the door. "Wait!" My mom yelled , marching towards me. I sighed gently & played with the ends of my hair. "Where do you think your going?" She said sternly , a hostile expression lay over her face. "Caylies house." I lied crossing my fingers. I loved My mom but she hated Bobby too. I sneaked out of the house regularly when I had those bad girl moment & decided to meet up with Bobby & hook up with him. Other wise I was just a perfect Daughter. Straight A's , Daddy's little girl & for the most part completely innocent. That's what it always seemed like. "Well are you sleeping over?" My mom asked , one hand on her hip. I bit my lip out of habit & looked the other way , a smile came over my face. "Yeah I think so.." I said cautiously. "Oh well fine. I expect you home tomorrow in time for church." My mom saying eyeing me. "Plus I have a wonderful surprise for you when you get back." My mom said hugging my goodbye. I laughed & kissed her cheek. "Okay mom , I promise!" I said , skipping out of the house running to my black Mercedes. Tonight was gunna be fun.
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 I   Ch   e    a       t               p     a     r   t        one

"But Em , you always hang out with Bobby!" Caylie whined , stomping her feet on the sidewalk. I laughed lightly , brushing my blonde curly hair from my face. "Caylie he's my boyfriend." I pointed out smiling at her with my sweetest look possible. Caylie has been my bestfriend since second grade. Today was the last day of school. "It's still not fair." She pouted , crossing her arms. "You always hang out with him." She muttered again , blowing her strawberry blonde bangs out of her face. She wore a hot pink tank top with sweat pants as she pouted down the street. "I promise to take you to my beach house this summer!" I said cheerfully like , trying to make it up to her. Ive been ditching her lately for my boyfriend. "Are you serious!" She screeched , hugging me hard. I rolled my eyes & hugged her back. I had a feeling summer was gunna be crazy. "Wait." She said her voice filled with regret. "Dont tell me he's coming.." She hissed , her brown eyes narrowed at me. I look down at my yellow flip flops with a sigh. I blushed a little. "If by he you mean my boyfriend than yes. He is coming." I said bitting my lip , trying not to look in her accusing brown eyes. "Ugh Em!" She whined throwing her hands up marching towards Starbucks. "Wait up Caylie!" I called after her , gripping my handbag filled with textbooks from the end of the year. "Em it's not the same anymore." She muttered shaking her head , getting on line. "Bobby's a good guy Caylie!" I said defensively. Her harsh eyes got somewhat softer. " I know , im sorry Em. He is a good guy , I just miss my bestfriend." Said mumbled stepping up to the cashier. "She didnt go anywhere." I pointed out , raising an eye brow at her. "I give up! Your officially impossible Em." Caylie called out , lifting her hands up in surrender. I smiled as she handed me a Frapachinno. This summer was gunna be crazy.
At the time I really had no Idea how true that was.
New series im starting
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