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August Baby
fourteen years old. female. human being.
oh, how amazing.

im a lover & a friend.
im not afraid of anyone or anything, except for GOD<3
talk shit. start rumors. try to bring me down. idgaf.
so stop wasting your precious time.

many things inspire me ; love, life, friends, family, witty users, witty quotes, the internet, ads, songs, lyrics, poems, pretty much everything around me <3

im looking for my prince charming in a world full of losers.

if only, if only. he knew
what he meant to me.
if only, if only,  i knew
what i meant to him.

i love meeting new people, so. HOLLLA (:

my other inspirations? : NightAngel, Everlong, Snowwhite, secretsunspoken___x 

i love witty. facebook & TUMBLR. my family & friends. & all of the people who made me who i am today.

thanks for stopping by<3


-- ask questions. share secrets. tell me anything. speak your mind.
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Quotes by AugustBaby

*these are the emotions
I feel for nobody but you.

even though we only spent a few moments together,
those moments make me smile.


From the moment I saw you,
i knew you had to be mine.

lets keep it simple baby,

i hate complications.
but your the most complex thing I've ever seen.

& i know we aren't supposed to be together
but screw what the world says cause baby i love you
and that's fo shoo

you know you love him
when you hurt him & it breaks your heart.

Baby, I don't need no script

I'm gonna let my heart speak tonight.