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So, there's a lot of awesome authors here on Witty Profiles. I started Witty really only liking two authors: Laughitupp and xx_Cat_xx. I really liked the story "Love <3" by Laughitupp, and "When I Met You" by xx_Cat_xx. Those two stories have since finished, and Laughitupp is now Nothingwithoutyou_x, but the stories are still alive to me. Without them, I wouldn't have ever written anything here. Anyways, since I started those two stories, the amount of people on witty whose stories I read has grown a lot. I have a whole list that I go through every time I want to read on Witty. I should probably get started listing those before I'm too old (;

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Yeah, I know, long list. And I still missed a lot of people. I literally feel terrible. If I haven't added you, and you want to be added, feel free to ask. Also, that ^ is in no specific order. That's just a random order that I have them listed in.

Hey, my name is Autumn_Rebornx. I would say You might have heard of me, but truth is, you probably haven't. I have another witty account, though, that you might have heard of. Eknovels... maybe not. haha. I don't use it anymore, and this is my account now :) Anyways, I'm just your average teenage girl - I'm in love with a boy and I still act like a little kid. I absolutely love writing, which is why I'm super excited to move my stories here!!! Yeah, that's about it. Thank you so much for reading! I love you all! <3

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again. Yuup. I'm switching back. I'm really sorry for the confusion and it's probably pretty annoying...  but ... See, I kinda get bored easily with routine things, such as usernames and passwords. I'm really not very technological, so I had no idea how to change my password or really much else... I hated my Witty password because it took a million tries to get it right and I didn't know how to change it. So, basically, being me, the only solution i could think of was, "Oh! Let's make a new account!" And yeah. I miss eknovels and Autumn_Rebornx isn't at all a home to me. I'm just moving back and we can forget any of this happened.
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Chapter One.
Part Two.

Drew's Pov:

“Oh my God, Drew!” cried my Mom, hugging me. “We thought you’d never wake up and I – I didn’t know what I was going to do without you!”
She let go and looked at Nolan.
Nolan stood - looking slightly older than he did last time I saw him - before me, smirking slightly.
“Hey, big sis,” he said.
“Nolan!” I screamed, throwing my arms around him. “You’re talking!” My eyes welled with tears.” You’re ... you’re talking.” My voice got quiet and he smiled at me.
Before Nolan could reply, someone burst through the door. I turned and saw my brother, Cooper. I wasn’t sure whether or not I was happy to see him, but that was soon answered when he wrapped his arms around me in a big bear hug.
Cooper and I hadn’t hugged since we were ten.
“Cooper,” I cried. “Cooper, you hugged me!” I was crying out of happiness.
“I missed you so much. You’re the only twin sister I’ve got and losing you was like losing part of myself.”
I opened my mouth to speak but there was a knock on the door. We all turned towards it and my Mom ran over to answer it. There stood my best friend in the world, Colton.
Or, could I still call him my best friend? We had kissed, after all.

Speak Now.
Sequel to Broken