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So, there's a lot of awesome authors here on Witty Profiles. I started Witty really only liking two authors: Laughitupp and xx_Cat_xx. I really liked the story "Love <3" by Laughitupp, and "When I Met You" by xx_Cat_xx. Those two stories have since finished, and Laughitupp is now Nothingwithoutyou_x, but the stories are still alive to me. Without them, I wouldn't have ever written anything here. Anyways, since I started those two stories, the amount of people on witty whose stories I read has grown a lot. I have a whole list that I go through every time I want to read on Witty. I should probably get started listing those before I'm too old (;

Justdance08, Justwrite, Rmstories, missylulu97, GreatAndTerribleBeauty, iwishiwasdifferent, NeonSharpie, bdstories, tlwsweety, xtruelovex, redapplecandy, kurofsky, anonymouswriter, Nicoleexwoah, Summmer_Loveee, anevatrese, blueberrybabe121, whenforeverends, story_lover82, size4_4life, missauthor123, kiss_today_goodbye, nothingwithoutyou_x iloveboys22, and_the_snow_fell_in_july xlizzisamazing, ilovehimforeverandaways, chyeahlinds, hannah1995, caitlyn13cutie, whisper_sweet_nothings, livelikeyourwriting, storiesuntold_x, secretnovelgurlxo,  squire1319, xosaxo, iminlovewithnicholasjerryconnor, and mylifenotyours!

Yeah, I know, long list. And I still missed a lot of people. I literally feel terrible. If I haven't added you, and you want to be added, feel free to ask. Also, that ^ is in no specific order. That's just a random order that I have them listed in.

Hey, my name is Autumn_Rebornx. I would say You might have heard of me, but truth is, you probably haven't. I have another witty account, though, that you might have heard of. Eknovels... maybe not. haha. I don't use it anymore, and this is my account now :) Anyways, I'm just your average teenage girl - I'm in love with a boy and I still act like a little kid. I absolutely love writing, which is why I'm super excited to move my stories here!!! Yeah, that's about it. Thank you so much for reading! I love you all! <3

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