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Quotes by AutumnxSkyline

I sound like such an emotional biiitch in my quotes im literally annoying myself by reading them. Good thing i got help lol
Just a little update, ive been out of treatment for a little while now and im in recovery and almost two months cut free ok bye
5 days to a month and a half.
i dont think im gonna be in the long term residential treatment, but om definitely being hospitalized again.
I dont want this..
ill keep you updated if i can, im not sure how long i can keep my phone or if the next hospital allows me to even have it.
Im still in the first hospital, lets see where it goes from here.
Fight on ❤
Goodbye witty, im in the hospital room waiting for news.
So im probaby going to be in rehab for either a little while, or 18 months or more. But i want you all to know i love you so much, thankyou for supporting me.
I love you all with all of my heart.
Ill try to be strong for all of you❤
Maybe if i start acting better, ill be left alone.
I need help. I need to go back. I kind of want to get better but then i dont. I cant put my family through another hospital but i cant make them live with me like this.
I dont know what to do.
Im lost.
I cant find my way out.
Im lucky im in love with my best friend.
what the hell am i doing so wrong to be played as many times as this?