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you may know my name, but you don't know my story     |
Heey there stranger. I'm Tori, well my real name is Victoria but I hate that so it's just Tori. Well I'm 14 and I blow out the candles on the 20.07 but i wanna be a kid forever!  I live in England, Newcastle. It's very nice here with all the rain and what not :/ I am get called things like 'freak' and 'weirdo' but i would much rather be weird and abnormal because where is the fun in being 'norma' all the time. Plus I like being immature, it's fun. Well, I have a loving mother and a awesome sister. I have a labrador called Maisy, because she is my best friend :) plus I think cats are evil.  I love music - bands like All Time Low, You Me at Six, Never Shout Never, Paramore, Mcfly and much more, there are too many to name. I love any real music to be honest. I love being a reject. I find it hard to trust people and i am about the most shy person you will meet. ever. Even if I dont seem it via Interwebz :D Awesome Tops + Skinny Jeans + Hairspray ---> just about sums me up. Hate if you wish, Jealousy is a Bitch. I am still at school and the teachers are all whores and give waaaay too much homework. I am a very arty person and plan to work in the art business when I am older. Don't judge me before you get to know me properly. I am in love with Alex Pettyfer and plan to marry him someday ;D. The hunger Games are the best books written in the whole universe. Fake Smiles Work Wonders. I am not popular kid or anything, more like the school rejects to be honest. I have one best friend in the whole world, and she is so amazing I would not trade her for anything :) I love Monster energy drinks - it is my drug ;) Want to know me better? Just message me. I would love a witty best friend. Get to know me? Love You 

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I intend to live forever.

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 me in the rain
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I don't know why you use a bra; you've got nothing to put in it.

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You wear pants don't you?

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Video Games
ruined my life.
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 Nothing Personal

Friend: I'm Sexy and I know it

me: Your Cocky and you show it                                                                                        
Friend: Your Slutty and you Blow it... 

me: .....