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I'm just some random British kid who goes on Youtube to much and happens to be nerdy. 

If you fave any of my quotes I'll (attempt) to follow you!

Enjoy Witty.


Quotes by AwayWithTheFairies

Dear Bruno Mars,
Every time I close my eyes -
 I see darkness.
I am now disappointed
Laurey: Which man do you like best?
Ado Annie: Whichever one I'm with.
           - Oklahoma
British people ARE NOT posh!
Yeah mum can you put the kettle on. . .
 [=We're not.=]
The awkward moment in the cinema when you feel like the loudest person in the world. . .
You heard Homer say that. . .
I know this really easy way to make formats!
I love it!
This version is now mine!
A COD version of Dora The Explorer
Sniper no sniping, Sniper no sniping, Sniper no sniping!

Who else remembers when Pixle-Chicks were like Blackberries?

If you have money in the bank, change in a plate or cash in your wallet you are amoung 8% of the world's wealthiest people.
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