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hello beautiful, its jillian hacking I LOVE YOU
i cut on june6th too, i think it will be my last time too. well babee do u like your profilee?  i did it only for u, xoxo byee stay beautiful
your hot, im not, peace out, girl scout
Hey! It's Emily.

Quotes by Awkward3564


Did you know
“Dysania” is the state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.




Did you know
A 7-month old puppy named Geo pushed a 10-year-old boy out of the way of an oncoming truck and took the impact himself - Geo is still alive.




Did you know
Queen Victoria would use marijuana to help alleviate her menstrual pains.




Did you know
Unicorns were mentioned in the Bible.




Did you know
Homework has been linked to increased anxiety, stress and depression.




Did you know
Chewing gum while studying, then chewing the same flavor while taking a test can help you remember more.




Did you know
Overuse of the internet has been linked to depression and various personality disorders.




Did you know
Kissing helps to reduce negative energy and lower the amount of stress hormones in the body.




Did you know
McDonald’s has a secret sandwich named the McGangBang -- It’s a McChicken Sandwich in the middle of a double cheeseburger.




Did you know
In 2002, a 19-year-old garbage collector won $15 million dollars - He spent it on gambling, drugs and prostitutes. He's a garbage man again.



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