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Why, hello there!

I'm Jess.
16 years old.
I guess I'm just your average girl.
& this will be your average page of info that you in no way needed to know
But if you actually take time to read it,
I commend you. *applause*

So, where do I start?
Oh, yes.
I have two very important boys in my life right now.
My cats,
Jeremiah and Spooky.
They're very furry gracious creatures,
and I'm in love with them.

Hmm, well Taylor Swift is my life.
She's my inspiration and my role model.
She brings flawlessness to a new level.
If you insult me, you're dead meat.
If you insult my idol, I'm feeding you to my dogs.

My dogs are vicious animals.
They're both maybe about two feet tall.
One is a Pembroke Corgi (Charlie)
and the other one (Archie) is a Basenji mix.

I have one brother.
His name is Nathanael.
My brother is one of my best friends.
He's an odd boy,
and he doesn't have an abundance of friends himself,
but I love him to the moon and back.
He always sticks by my side even when he probably shouldn't.

'Cause I can be a serious beyaatch.

I was born and raised in the wonderful New Jersey.
I moved to Tennessee in June 2012.
As much as I miss NJ, Tennessee has come to be a really good place for me.

Megan & Liz, and Ed Sheeran are also some of favorite singers.

I listen to all kinds of music.
Instead of me listing a million names of artists/singers/bands,
if you actually care, you can look at my likes and stations on Pandora.

I play a little flute.
AHAHA, jk.
played flute for like half a year but I suck at it.
I do play a little piano and guitar though.
I'm in the process of teaching myself.
YEAH! *gives self high-five*

I play World of Warcraft
'cause it's awesome sauce.


The Walking DeadPretty Little Liars, Prison Break,
American Horror Story, Orange is the New Black,
Sword Art Online, Sherlock, 
Catfish: The TV Show, and Grey's Anatomy
are the best shows of all time.
Seriously, I watch way too much TV + Netlfix.

I like food.
I really like food.
Like, I really really like food.
Tacos & Mac N' Cheese are the


It's time to get serious.
I'll admit that I've made a lot of mistakes in my life.
But I accept that
because I'm human.
And humans make mistakes.
There is no such thing as someone who is absolutely perfect.
This world is crumbling.
The walls are falling,
and more and more people are breaking.
We're falling apart.
This is the end of the world.
Not because a catastrophic event is gonna happen.

But because of us.
The people.
Personally, I think everyone needs to shape the f//k up.
When you catch up with reality,
it's a God d/mn shame.
Because nothing is as good as it seems.


~   I     d o n ' t       t h i n k     t  h e      p  e o p l e      o  f      m y     p  a s  t     f u l  l y     
c   o  m  p  r  e h e n d      j u s  t     h o w     m u c    t h e        f   /  c   k  e  d      m  e       u p. ~

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Quotes by Jessica♥*

i once found a swollen lymph node
and i secretly wished it was cancer
because cancer could kill me
and i was too scared to kill myself


here's a cute cat gif. have a nice day.

If you think about human nature,
our favorite pair of shoes are the ones we bought yesterday,
And the thing we've seen the most,
and for the longest period of time,
  is our reflection in the mirror.
So obviously, that's going to be our least favorite thing.
   -Taylor Swift                                                
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Oh, darling,    
I promise you.
          It's inevitable.
They all leave eventually.

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Society has pushed us to point where we blame ourselves when others do us wrong.


&  the only thing that kept her from going completely crazy was
the fear of
losing her mind.

If you save yourself for marriage, you're a bore.
If you wont have a drink, then you're a prude.
But they'll call you a drunk as soon as you down the first one.
Iyou cant lose weighttheyou're just fat.  
You're damnéd if you do, and damnéd if you don't.
So you might as well just do whatever you want.
have you ever...?
bold the ones you've done

- graduated high school
- smoked a cigarette
- gotten so drunk you passed out
- rode every ride at an amusement park
- collected something really stupid
- gone to a rock concert
- helped someone
- gone fishing
- watched four movies in one night
- gone long periods of time without sleep

- snorted cocaine
- failed a class
- smoked weed
- dealt drugs
- been in a car accident
- been in a tornado
- done hard drugs
- watched someone die
- been to a funeral
- burned yourself

- ran a marathon
- cried yourself to sleep
- spent $200+ dollars in one day
- flown on an aeroplane
- cheated on someone
- been cheated on
- written a ten page letter
- gone skiing
- been sailing
- cut yourself by accident
- cut yourself on purpose 
- had a best friend
- lost a loved one
- shoplifted something

- been to jail
- skipped school
- skipped a class
- had detention
- gotten in trouble for something you didn't do
- stolen books from the library
- gone to a foreign country
- dropped out of school
- been in a mental hospital
- watched the harry potter movies
had an online diary
- fired a gun
- had a yard sale
- had a lemonade sale

- actually made money at the lemonade sale
- been in a school play
- been fired from a job
- taken a lie detector test
- swam with dolphins
- gone to sea world
- voted for someone on a reality tv show
- written poetry
- read more than 20 books in a year

- gone to europe
- loved someone you can't have
- used a coloring book over age twelve
- had surgery
- had stitches
- taken a taxi
- seen the washington monument
- had more than five online conversations going at once
- overdosed
- had a drug or alcohol problem
- been in a fist fight
- suffered any form of abuse
- gone surfing in california
- had a hamster
- pet a wild animal
- used a credit card
- did spirit day at your school
- dyed your hair
- got a tattoo
- had something pierced
- got straight a's
- been on the honor roll

- known someone with hiv or aids
- drank alcohol
- cried when someone died
- felt someone up/got felt up
- kissed someone
- went farther than kissing someone
- been in love
- been heartbroken
- missed your ex

They ask me how I'm doing.
I say I'm doing just fine.
Absolutely fine.
But maybe fine means something else.
Fine means I'm hurt,
torn apart.
I feel unloved.
I feel unwanted.
I don't know what to do anymore.
So maybe I'm not fine.
Still, I'll say that I am.
Because I don't know what else to say.
What can I say?
If I say I'm perfectly okay,
it'd be a lie.
If I tell the truth;
tell them that I'm in pain,
then, they'd call me conceited;
"looking for attention".
They wouldn't know,
no one knows.
Only I know.
I know that it's slowly killing me.
I know that no one ever feels the exact same way,
because no one is the same.
So, I'll say I'm fine.
I'll hide behind my fake smile,
I'll cry behind my hazel eyes.
I'll look fine.
Perfectly fine.

It's hard to tell anymore.
Hard to tell if someone's actually happy,
or if it's just a mask.
Maybe that gleam in their eye isn't as much of a gleam,
maybe it's more like a tear.
holding in tight,
trying not to fall down their face.
No one can know.
We; I can't let anyone see my cry.
I have to look fine.
I have to fit their standards.
I have to look strong,
be thin,
look pretty,
and dress in expensive clothes.
And if I don't?
I'll look even less of fine.
I would be even less of fine.
So yeah, I guess I'm just fine.


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seen you crawl on your knees, eh, eh.
 I've seen you lost in a crowd,
seen your colors fade.
Wish I could make it better.
       Someday, you won't  remember
the pain you thought would last
  forever and ever.

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