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Why, hello there!

I'm Jess.
16 years old.
I guess I'm just your average girl.
& this will be your average page of info that you in no way needed to know
But if you actually take time to read it,
I commend you. *applause*

So, where do I start?
Oh, yes.
I have two very important boys in my life right now.
My cats,
Jeremiah and Spooky.
They're very furry gracious creatures,
and I'm in love with them.

Hmm, well Taylor Swift is my life.
She's my inspiration and my role model.
She brings flawlessness to a new level.
If you insult me, you're dead meat.
If you insult my idol, I'm feeding you to my dogs.

My dogs are vicious animals.
They're both maybe about two feet tall.
One is a Pembroke Corgi (Charlie)
and the other one (Archie) is a Basenji mix.

I have one brother.
His name is Nathanael.
My brother is one of my best friends.
He's an odd boy,
and he doesn't have an abundance of friends himself,
but I love him to the moon and back.
He always sticks by my side even when he probably shouldn't.

'Cause I can be a serious beyaatch.

I was born and raised in the wonderful New Jersey.
I moved to Tennessee in June 2012.
As much as I miss NJ, Tennessee has come to be a really good place for me.

Megan & Liz, and Ed Sheeran are also some of favorite singers.

I listen to all kinds of music.
Instead of me listing a million names of artists/singers/bands,
if you actually care, you can look at my likes and stations on Pandora.

I play a little flute.
AHAHA, jk.
played flute for like half a year but I suck at it.
I do play a little piano and guitar though.
I'm in the process of teaching myself.
YEAH! *gives self high-five*

I play World of Warcraft
'cause it's awesome sauce.


The Walking DeadPretty Little Liars, Prison Break,
American Horror Story, Orange is the New Black,
Sword Art Online, Sherlock, 
Catfish: The TV Show, and Grey's Anatomy
are the best shows of all time.
Seriously, I watch way too much TV + Netlfix.

I like food.
I really like food.
Like, I really really like food.
Tacos & Mac N' Cheese are the


It's time to get serious.
I'll admit that I've made a lot of mistakes in my life.
But I accept that
because I'm human.
And humans make mistakes.
There is no such thing as someone who is absolutely perfect.
This world is crumbling.
The walls are falling,
and more and more people are breaking.
We're falling apart.
This is the end of the world.
Not because a catastrophic event is gonna happen.

But because of us.
The people.
Personally, I think everyone needs to shape the f//k up.
When you catch up with reality,
it's a God d/mn shame.
Because nothing is as good as it seems.


~   I     d o n ' t       t h i n k     t  h e      p  e o p l e      o  f      m y     p  a s  t     f u l  l y     
c   o  m  p  r  e h e n d      j u s  t     h o w     m u c    t h e        f   /  c   k  e  d      m  e       u p. ~

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Quotes by Jessica♥*

i know i'm not perfect.
i'm not going to pretend to be for even a second.
i'm hyper
and sometimes i'm too loud.
i can never seem to keep my mouth shut.
plus, i tend to offend people with my humor.
i say a lot of foolish things
like, for example:
you're the best thing that's ever happened to me
and i can't imagine a world without you.
then, i usually regret saying those things.
because you've never saw me
the way i see you,
or the way you see her.
it's blantantly obvious that you love her
with the ferocity and passion i'd hope we'd have.
so this is my farewell.
and this is me telling you to keep loving her
because you deserve to be happy.
this is probably another fault on my behalf.
in which i'll most definitely regret.
i'm giving up the only thing i've ever truly known.
but you're worth it.
and i hope she's worth it.

It's better to kill them with sophistication rather than nothing but cuss words.

Option A: Shut your f.ucking mouth because no one wants to hear your f.ucking s.hit. Go f.ucking kill yourself you god d.amn annoying c.unt.

Option B: You know, I've just come to realization of how irritating you are. I don't think I've ever met anyone in my life who has such a low IQ. Oh, darling, you probably don't even know what an IQ is.

why are b.oobs even considered sexual?
they’re lumps of fat made to store milk for babies what the f.uck is sexual about that

Here’s some serious advice.
Even the nicest people have their limits. Don’t try to reach that point because the nicest people are also the scariest a.ssholes when they’ve had enough.

Am I the only one who always thought it was 'caught-not joe' instead of 'cotton-eyed joe'?
That song never made sense to me but now that I know what the real name is..

it still doesnt make sense to me.

today's my


within the first 20 minutes of my birthday, i've had over 20 people say 'happy birthday' to me. i've never felt to loved in my life. it's a great feeling

it's even cooler that Witty just said 'happy birthday' to me too.


f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5

today i found out that apparently if you kill someone in international waters on an unregistered boat then throw the body overboard they can’t trace it back to any one legal system so you can’t be prosecuted for their murder

me: *breaks the law*
me: *duct tapes it back together*

*throws flower petals at you* be my friend
                                         i look at you 
                 and i can see it in your face
                           you think you hide it,
                                         but i see you.

                                         i see the hurt
      the dark circles beneath your eyes
                                 and the quiet plea
                dancing on your bottom lip,
                          too afraid to be voiced
                           too afraid to be heard
                     because you're too afraid 
                                               to be hurt

           and i just want to take you and
                     wrap you up in my arms
                           hold you, console you
         tell you things that you'll believe
               but you don't seem to believe
                                anything anymore
          because you have been decieved
                                far too many times

                             so i'll just look at you
     and see the  pain in your fake smile,
                                  and i'll smile back
   and i'll hear the attempted deception
when you tell me that you're just tired,
                                  and i'll say me too
          i know that you're broken inside,
                          i can see it in your face
                                       violets are blue,
                                        and so are you




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