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"I wonder how the hartless sleep at night"

Hello sexy;

I'm Eliza.

I'm from Scotland but now live in Canada.

I love Youtube wayy too much..hehe.

Angela and Fay 
(AngelaDaNinja & MrsStyles)
are too perf.

hope to see you soon :)

Quotes by Fading.From.Reality*

Back, though does anyone remember me?

There are two types of people in this world;
people who pee in the shower
lying mother fuçkers.

-Jenna Marbles-

'Roses aren't always red.

Violets shouldn't be blue.

I used to think nothing was


Untill the day I met  you.

Did anyone else get more excited
than they should have when they
realised that the new Witty gives
 you a cute cat picture when you
are new if you don't have a photo
*First day of school*
*6 AM*

Mom: Come on, it's the first day of school..
Me: *groning noises*
'Wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and i'm older!'

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Dear Witty, I just want to say thank you, I have been on here nearly a year and I have never regreted it . Witty is my second life, whee I have some better friends than real life. More fun than in my real life. Okay, going on a bit, just wanted to say thank you because It may not seem much compared to other people, but today I got my 100th followe. This means ALOT to me. I know it probably shouldn't, but It really made my day, week, life ahah xxx

Sometimes I like to take photos near
my window so it looks like I go outside.
So just to clear a few things up, it's okay if a bunch of
12 year olds obsess over a 25 year old celebrity.
But if a bunch
of 25 year olds obsess over a
12 year old celebrity they are
Yes my thighs touch and so do the
rest of my legs and also my feet, in
fact my whole bottom half is in
one piece.
 am a mermaid.

-Zooey Deschanel

Wear what you want for you. Not for them.