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"I wonder how the hartless sleep at night"

Hello sexy;

I'm Eliza.

I'm from Scotland but now live in Canada.

I love Youtube wayy too much..hehe.

Angela and Fay 
(AngelaDaNinja & MrsStyles)
are too perf.

hope to see you soon :)

Fading.From.Reality*'s Favorite Quotes

mom: brianna, why is there a guy climbing up to your balcony?
me: he's my romeo coming to find his juliet.
me: just kidding call the cops.

Roses are white
nightlock is blue
it’s called Catching Fire

not Hunger Games 2
regular people in the shower: wash, rinse and repeat

me in the shower: accepting award

me in the shower: pretending i'm filming for shampoo commercial

me in the shower: pretending i'm in a scence for my favourite tv show

me in the shower: life problems

me in the shower: performing while on tour

me in the shower: ellen is pulling a prank on me

Friend: *holding expensive globe*
Teacher: don't drop that-
Me: thun thun thun, aye, don't drop that thun thun thun!



Stepping on a Lego is bad don't get me wrong but


compares to a razor scooter to the ankle

We're all entitled to our own opinion.

I don't like you.

That's my opinion.

My future husband could have a girlfriend right now.
I am so mad at him.

have you ever wanted to cry but no tears came out
so you just stare blankly into space
while feeling your heart break into pieces


the price of a popcorn and soda at target: $1.99

the price of a popcorn and soda at the movies: an entire month’s rent and your first born child


If you cover the middle and look at the sides, it moves really quickly
but if you cover the sides and look at the middle, it moves slowly.