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Quotes by AyaaxD

Boyfriends come && go.. but girlfriends are


You got me feelin like Romeo && Juliet,, 


 Its funny how some people think that the
world ''ONLY'' revolves around them! 


“-ι киσω sσмє∂αy,,ι’ ιι ℓєαяи нσω тσ yσυ ℓєт gσ..-”


That what happens when you worry about people too much,,


Your tears dont fall, they crush around me;♥


 Yo mama is so old, I told her to act her own age, and she died. XD


There's some people that i just can't forgive..

who else?

&& I remember all those crazy thing you said..
You left them running through my head..
You're always there, you're everywhere..
But right now I wish you were here..


Don't waste another day,
Don't waste another minute,
I cannot wait to see your face..
Just show how much I'm in it,
So open up your heart..
Help me understand,, :(