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hey everyone :)
I don't tend to write a whole lot in my bios, on any website really, but I do love to write.
If you want to get to know who I am, you'll just have to sift through my quotes and favorites.
I may not be on witty everyday -- and honestly, I don't make many quotes because I'm too lazy to put effort into them -- but I really do love witty.

Stay Beautiful♥
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Quotes by BAMFballerina

*Sitting in a restaurant with my date*

Him:  ..yeah, so I guess I just don't get why some

people like Harry Potter so much...


I know I should be happy for them,
but honestly,
I'm so jealous.
Never allow
someone to be
while allowing
yourself to
be their
[mark twain]


g o i n g   t o s o m e o n e ' s   p r o f i l e
 a n d   l o o k i n g   a t   t h e   o l d e s t   p a g e   o f   t h e i r   q u o t e s
 b e f o r e   a n y t h i n g   e l s e ,
 t o   s e e   w h a t   p e o p l e ' s  f i r s t   q u o t e s   w e r e   l i k e

I may be over you, but I still have those horrible days.
The days where I'm not sure when the pain'll stop.
I remember one of those times quite clearly.
I was walking downtown with my family.
It was Sunday afternoon.
I was wearing a navy blue t-shirt, and jean short shorts.
We passed some shops.
Then we reached a particular store, one I'd never been in.
The doors were wide open.
The breeze picked up the scent from inside the store.
It carried it to my nose.
I felt my heart in my chest.
It felt like it was made of glass, and someone had taken a hammer to it.
It was smashed to bits.
I couldn't breathe.
I gasped for air.
I nearly screamed.
I wanted to cry.
All because of that smell.
It smelled like you.
Like your jacket, when we'd sit together on the bus.
When you'd come to my locker.
Like your shirt smelled the day you had me up against the wall.
When you whispered something I don't remember.
It wasn't important.
I just remember being so close.
And that smell.
It hurt so bad.
Like I'd been stabbed in the chest.
All you'd put me through.
I'd told myself I was strong.
But that smell had reduced me to a puddle.
It put me in a haze.
I hated that moment.

"Excuse me sir. You're sitting on my body, which is also my face."


so my boyfriend

does this

really cute

thing where

he doesn't



those mornings when
your makeup goes on PERFECTLY
you're wearing your FAVORITE outfit
you've spent an hour or so curling/flat-ironing your hair to absolute

and you take that first, glorious step outside to see,


I think it's so
when guys have

that one best friend

-not my format ♥



I've been told that a cheater

is always a cheater,

so I've got my pride;