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hey everyone :)
I don't tend to write a whole lot in my bios, on any website really, but I do love to write.
If you want to get to know who I am, you'll just have to sift through my quotes and favorites.
I may not be on witty everyday -- and honestly, I don't make many quotes because I'm too lazy to put effort into them -- but I really do love witty.

Stay Beautiful♥
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BAMFballerina 1 decade ago to FramingMatthew
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Rest in Peace Matthew♥
I never knew about you until today, and I cried reading your quotes. Your girlfriend loves you so much...

i don't know you, but from reading all of your profile, i think you might enjoy this:
"to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."

--albus dumbledore
BAMFballerina 1 decade ago to followthesefootsteps
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thanks for actually taking the time to comment on the horrible "20 prettiest people on witty" thing earlier... it's people like you who should be allowed to use witty, not the looks-absorbed person who made that quote
BAMFballerina 1 decade ago to wissapooh
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i love your quotes... so. fricking. much<3
thank you for being on witty:)