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these words are a part of my past now, here they will stay.

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Our generation had the best
Disney Channel Original Movies:
Zenon    Halloween Town    The Thirteenth Year
Smart House   Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire
The Ulimate Christmas Present    Motocrossed
The Luck of the Irish   Get a Clue   Cadet Kelly
Gotta Kick It Up   Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook Off
The Cheetah Girls   Pixel Perfect   Cow Belles
Stuck in the Suburbs   Read it and Weep   Quints
Go Figure    Life is Ruff…    Right on Track
Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior   Jump In!
 Twitches  High School Musical  Camp Rock
Sorry Disney, You’re not going
to be able to top that.

I went outside
& saw the moon 
way it shines made
       me think of you 
♥ nmf


I   dont   believe   in   loves   rules
I believe that you don’t have to be a certain age, or with a person a certain amount
of time, to be in love. I believe you can fall in a love in a day, week,
 or a year.
Whether you’re 14, 35, or 100. Most of all I believe, that when
you love
someone, nobody has the right to tell you that you don’t.

The best  feeling:
When you text him and he texts back  i n s t a n t l y 

Knowing  that  somebody
actually gives a sh*t about me is one of the best feelings in the entire world.


If “old witty” did exist
I would still faving quotes like this
All those top quotes now are full of it
One more 1D quote, I’ll be sick.

*when I say old witty I’m not referring to yesterday.

Its  better  to  let  someone
walk away from you than walk all over you.


Thats  the  beautiful  thing  about  freewill;
You have the choice of loving anybody in the world, the only problem is….so does he.


I  want  to  sleep  forever
No, not die. Just stay warm, wrapped up in my sheets. In my favorite pajamas,
lost in my dreams. Where I have no drama. Where I’ve made no mistakes.
No one tries to disturb me. No one needing to talk, they just let me be