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these words are a part of my past now, here they will stay.

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lifes  full  of  mistakes,
 too many broken hearts, and slaps in the face…


So  the  next  time
 you see his name pop on your screen, stop for a moment,
 take it in because someday you won’t see it anymore
 and you’d kill to see that name light up on your phone

just  one  more  time


Oh    Cool.
It looks like you guys have a lot of fun when I’m not around…


I've    changeso   muclately.
Every single day I wake up, and I’m different. I feel like I'm fading with every step. All
everyone else sees at are my smiles, which are so pathetically convincing. They
 think that I'm doing much better. When I’m really doing so much worse.


Everyone deserves a relationship without
Terms   &   Conditions
No people to get in the way. No inconvenient situations.
Just  you  like  me  and  I  like  you
and nothing else matters.


Its  a  sad  world  we  live  in.
Everyone is silently suffering, covering up the pain with smiles. Why do we always fall for it? 
There are thousands of quotes all across the internet about not being okay. On the internet,
we recognize how often people cover it all up with fake laughter & a simple “I’m fine.” 
Everyone does it, so why is it that when people actually experience it they accept “I’m
okay” as a
 suitable answer? No one digs deeper. Someone needs recognize it & say
“Don’t lie, I use the internet, I know you’re not okay.” 


You   know   mom,
Knocking WHILE you’re in the process of opening my door
kinda defeats the purpose of knocking in the first place...


And  Im  pretty  sure
if Witty lost Google’s advertisements I’d convince Steve to let me
 donate my entire college savings just to keep witty running


So  youve  never  even  kissed  a  guy?
How embarrassing. You probably aren’t pretty enough. Not outgoing enough.
Not even close to being cool enough. Wrong. Actually, You probably just
haven’t met a guy worthy of that kiss. Maybe, haven’t gotten that chance
 and that’s perfectly okay. Despite popular belief, it’s not a race. You
 aren’t Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. You don’t need a kiss to
 wake you from a deep, sleeping, coma. No excuses.
Live your life. And don’t be ashamed. It will come.

I  promise  you.


Iyou  asked  me last  year
 where I saw myself in a year, I could quickly tell you that this wasn't it,  in fact it’s not
even close. There were people who were a such big part my daily life, people who
probably hung out with on this day last year that are strangers to me now.
It’s crazy how much things can change in a mere 
365 days…


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