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heyyy so my names jessica :)
i'm eighteen and gonna be a freshman
at Radford University.

I like to read write and laugh.
I loveee witty profiles, it makes me laugh and smile and sometimes cry. It's a good site.

I'm not into fake people or liars or conceeded people. I live for the future but think wayyy too much about the past.

I loveee pretty little liars, old eighties movies, and my doggg and cat.

message me/ comment me, and I'll respond dudes. :D

enhehqdw;lsxheyyyyheyy message meeeee :)

LionLayouts <3

Quotes by BExTHExBEST


having a bad day?

just think to yourself: TGIF  ♥


Thank Goodness I'm Fabulous!


In this day and age, I'm proud to say that;


I'm eighteen and still a virgin.



Yeah, I have a six pack...

of crayons


a boy texted me

"I think you're beautiful."
for the first time ever



& now I can't get rid of these butterflies .


Love is;

needing someone. Love is putting up with someone's bad qualities
because they somehow complete you.


this lullaby

just a shout out to the girls who;

1) Don’t wear makeup every day.
                         2) Don’t post pictures with their boobs hanging out. 
                         3) Don’t care about what others think of them.
4) Stay loyal to their friends.
5) Are nice and courteous to others.
 6) Have self respect.
7) Have goals.
8) Aren’t constantly searching for attention.
9) Have their own opinion and don’t follow the crowd.
10) Hold their head high.

I have come to realize that

I'm not okay.
                                                                    but one day I will be.


The world is your runway;
                       OWN IT.

Don't we all
summer vacation
was as long as Phineas
and Ferb's?

I always wanted an uncle
like uncle jesse

                                   anyone else?