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It's called a crush because it hurts.


                                                                 That means it's a teenager           and won't                 answer anything.


"No Comment"

is a comment

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I  f          y     ou           w    a    t    c   h         t     h     e           t     i    t    a    n    i      c          b    a    c    k    w    a     r     d    s       ,
Its about a magical ship that saves people.

(rachellaringo32's quote and format) removal of this results in death.


band members need to stop aging so we can catch up


"Hot" will never be
a substitute for "Beautiful"

This quote does not exist.

 Admit it...
We've all practiced kissing on the back of our hands

fave for a series? :) thanks

Me without you is like
facebook without friends
YouTube without videos
Google without results

a shoe without laces
a nerd without braces
a desk without a seat
socks without feet

& a heart skipping a beat♥


We are different,
but we shouldn't be trying to fit into society.  

Society should aspire to be more like us.    

                                                                                                    - X-Men: First Class