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Quotes by BabyImBroken11

Your my pokie,
And I'm your angel,
No wonder we love each other.

BabyImBroken11 Original {Don't steal please personal nicknames}
Boys are like Lava lamps,
Fun to look at but Not all that bright.

{All Mine BabyImBroken11}
As i sit with nothing to do,
My mind is filled with thoughts of you,
As i work hard throughout the day,
I miss your smile that's miles away,
As i lay down and try to sleep,
Its memories of you i must always keep,
You must know this my love,
So true i spend all my time,

I miss the summer nights we shared...

The memories of you there...


What happens when he's your prince charming, but your not his Cinderella?
You are my life now.
I will
never let you go.
No matter how hard
you fall.
I will
never let you get harmed.
No matter how
tough a patch we go through.
I will always love you.

"He stole me."

"Meaning? What? Physically?"

"In body. Yes... And in heart... That sill little vampire boy..."


It was at that moment my heart,
Jumped out of my chest,
Ran down my leg,
Hit the floor and broke. </3

For Sale:

One heart.

Horrible condition.

Will take anything for it.


(Just cut it out of my chest, and ends its suffering.)

Roses are... Red
Violets are... Blue

You... Hate me...
But... I love you...